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A Day In The Life of An ER Doctor

No description

Justin Robertson

on 20 July 2010

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Transcript of A Day In The Life of An ER Doctor

ER Doctors Employability Skills Transferrable Skills
What makes me a good ER Doctor? Education Path Barriers Alternatives The Future Trends A Day in the Life of... Fundamental Skills Communication sharing information using a range of information and communications technology. listening and asking questions to understand and appreciate the points of views of others using relevant scientific, technological and mathematical knowledge and skills to explain or clarify ideas. communicate with coworkers efficiently Human Relations help a doctor while they are treating a patient work with fellow doctors and nurses to find the best solution understand patient's emotions explain situation using everyday language counsel co-operate with others provide support for others help the patient's family members over a dark period of their lives Values I want a work situation that is exciting and high-pressured Interests Investigative Conventional Health Science Physics Chemistry SL (Standard Level) Biology HL (Higher Level) Introduction to Physics Life Sciences Take MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) use Electronic Health Records in the future Computers Everywhere Chemistry Medical School Clerkship (called Internship in the USA) English Residency Competition large application pool for medical school one of the most wanted jobs foreign students Family Doctor more flexible timetable less stressful safer (in terms of health) More Demand for ER Doctors aging population Job Description Biotechnology Psychology high retirement rate of aging doctors more immigrants = more people requiring services distance services to provide guidance to nurses in remote areas adaptable to computers work with robots more accurate testing equipment An apple a day, doesn't keep the doctor away. Duties and Responsibilities: be sympathetic always be ready for anything stay on task pay attention to details work efficiently versatile Graduation work well with coworkers real-time chat with other doctors for second opinions good job security Emergency Physicians
NOC Number: 3111-A
$90,169 - $205,970 (before taxes)
work in hospitals: stressful, dangerous
frontline workers - first to see patients
treat immediate life threatening emergencies then send patients to respective departments

Work 4 Shifts/wk.
don't work every day of the week Shifts Morning (8 am -4 pm)
Afternoon (10 am to 6 pm)
Night, (4 pm to midnight)
Overnight (midnight to 8am)
8 hours long
check on and reassure patients and family members treat immediate life-threatening emergencies order tests for patients send patients to appropriate departments after treating them be decisive triage: assess which patients require most (e.g. trauma) and least attention (e.g. fevers) The End Thank you for viewing this presentation! Job prospects are very good especially in rural and low-income areas.
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