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No description

Natalia Botero

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of KGV STORES

TARGET: SALES IN ALL AGES KGV STORES START END KGV STORES -Place the Stores in strategy streets of the city.
- Close the little Stores and sale their merchandise online.
- Only megastores.
-Decorated with things of singers for example the T- Shirt of Beyonce.
- Attractive Stores. STORES New Products - For improving the sales of CD's and DVDs we are going to contact singers and bands that are releasing a new album and they come to our shops to sign our products.
- We want to sale products for all ages, there for we want to make a contract with singers of all generations and genres.
-Sale tickets of concerts in our stores and online stores.
-Sponsor music events.
-Sale cheaper music in our online Store. Strategy CONCLUSION INDEX
1. Stores
2. New Products
3. Strategy
4. Advertising
5. Target Advertising -Improve our sales, in the teenager music (loyal customers).
- Invest in a easy- to- use website and in advertising.
- Raise our service in the distribution center.
- Turn the Company in a big chain in all Europe. - When a singer or a band visit us, we can announce it with advertising in Bus stops, radios, subways, public places and billboards.
- With our online page we can do advertising and with facebook, twitter, etc.
- Unique Stores, so the customers are attracted to get in.
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