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Baroque & Bach

No description

Ananya Navale

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Baroque & Bach

Baroque Baroque comes from barocco, an Italian word that means bizarre, exuberant, or highly decorative. It is used to describe art of a specific time period in history. Art could mean anything- paintings, architecture, and even music! The Baroque period began in 1600 A.D. and ended in 1750 A.D. Baroque Today Every year, people crowd concert halls all over the world to listen to Baroque music played by great musicians. Baroque music is played on classical music radio stations. People buy CDs of Baroque music. Churches give concerts too! This style of music is used in movie soundtracks and advertisement jingles. "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring," a well-known piece by J. S. Bach, is played at weddings. Some of his compositions are played on electric guitars which sound as if they were written today! Bach is the only composer to have three of his compositions sent into space on Voyager 1 and 2. The Beginning Brandenburg Concertos Bach's Compositions Bach's musical catalog holds 1,087 unique pieces. He was the first composer for whom such a catalog had to be created. His most known works are the St. Matthew Passion, Brandenburg Concertos, and the Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, to mention a few. Be sure to watch Fantasia, Rollerball, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Phantom of the Opera, and James Bond's The Spy Who Loved Me, to hear Bach! Every famous musician is identified by the musical period he lived in. When we mention the Classical period, we are talking about Mozart. And when we refer to the Romantic period, we are talking about Beethoven. Who then, is the greatest Baroque musician? Bach! Johann Sebastian Bach, of course! Bach is history's best Baroque musician and composer. He was an expert at making the complicated Baroque musical pieces sound natural and pleasing. He was a great harpsichord player and a gifted organist. He composed some great music for the human voice. Even though he has been long gone, he lives in the minds of the people who acknowledge him, and take the time to listen to his compositions composed more than 250 years ago! Baroque Instruments Keyboard Instruments:

String Instruments:
Viola da Gamba

Wind Instruments:

Percussion Instruments:
Timpani The Brandenburg Concertos are a collection of six musical pieces by Bach. He named them so because he presented the collection to a rich man, Christian Ludwig Brandenburg. These pieces are thought to be Bach's most popular works. They are almost guaranteed to make one feel better if one is in a sad or grouchy mood. Bach was never thanked in any way by Brandenburg for this gift. These six pieces were never played in Bach's lifetime. Fate of Bach's Music Many music lovers cared less for Baroque music toward the end of Bach's life. Baroque music was too difficult to appreciate. It sounded old-fashioned. People wanted simple and lighter music. Musicians around the world were introducing new music. Even though Bach realized that a new style of music was developing, he would not budge from the Baroque style. He was quite stubborn. Bach's music faded away with him. It took a hundred years before Bach's music was rediscovered. The New Beginning So now, we all know about the Baroque period, and Bach. He is really quite the musician, right? He showed us all what a beautiful place our world is. He had a fairly short life of sixty-five years, and yet accomplished a lot. He showed us how we can achieve more if we put our best effort into the things we are doing. He is an inspiration to all the people who believe that he did a great job. Baroque music is a type of music that was composed in the Baroque period. It is tuneful and very organized. It has a kind of grand and decorative feeling. The melodies tend to be highly decorated and elaborate. Typical qualities include contrasts between soft and strong, chorus and solo, and voices and instruments. Three major Baroque composers were Antonio Lucio Vivaldi of Italy, Johann Sebastian Bach, and George Frideric Handel, both from Germany. Some musicians who lived in the Baroque period didn't compose any Baroque music! Baroque Music Baroque Bach Me playing J. S. Bach's Minuet I (BWV 822)
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