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Resume Building Workshop

No description

Sahana Dorai

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Resume Building Workshop

Resume Building Workshop
Welcome to the resumé building experience brought to you by PBSN. Our goal for today is to review the proper format of a resumé, to go over some common mistakes, and to provide you with some stellar examples.

Additional Notes
Presentation will be available online.
You can submit your resumés after this seminar to have them reviewed and edited by the Careers Department.

In this part of the resume, include:
1. Name of Company/Organization
2. Position/Job Title
3. Location
4. Dates of Employment
Additional Information:
Skills, Activities and Interests
In this section, you may include:
1. Relevant skills
2. Certificates & training
3. Activities and interests

1. Ensure all facts are relevant.

2. Maintain the reader's interest.

3. Be original.

4. Be honest.

Be mindful of spelling and grammar
Use more CAR (Challenge-Action-Result) examples, less listing
1. Turn off your internet.
2. Put your phone on silent.
3. Turn off sound on your laptop.
4. Let us know if we're going too fast.
Title and Education
Address - Phone Number - Email

Resume Formatting Tips
GPA Calculation
90 to 100% 4.0
85 to 89% 3.9
80 to 84% 3.7
77 to 79% 3.3
73 to 76% 3.0
70 to 72% 2.7
67 to 69% 2.3
63 to 66% 2.0
60 to 62% 1.7
57 to 59% 1.3
53 to 56% 1.0
50 to 52% 0.7
< 49 0.0
Note any special scholarships or statuses (AEO/Honours) in the listed section.
Find the GPA for each of your grades and take an average of them to find your total GPA. Don't just take your overall average and apply it to this scale.
Languages: Fluent in Arabic and Mandarin

Citizenship: Holds Canadian and Chinese passports

Skills: Programs you can use, professional licenses, certifications, etc. Not obvious skills that everyone else has.

Interests: This section is unique. Find an interest for which you've done something really cool (e.g. if you have traveled for it) and talk about it.
Company XYZ
Marketing Assistant

Designed marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and sales.
Led a marketing campaign using x strategy designed to do y; initiative
led to a 60%
increase in sales from z.

"I trained for three hours daily over four months to take my love for triathlons to Florida, where I finished my first Iron Man in the top 20% of over 350 racers."
Key Guidelines
"Proficient with Microsoft Word" and "Fluent in English" won't win you brownie points.

Use readable font styles and sizes:

Serif for Headers
Sans-Serif for Body

Be consistent with your font.
Tip #1
Make a header that stands out and is easily readable. You may include social media links (such as LinkedIn)

Tip #2
Tip #3
Write in bullet points, not paragraphs.
Keep the content concise and meaningful.
Human Resources will only review your resumé for 10-20 seconds.
Tip #4
Use spacing to ensure that your resumé is not crowded.
Tip #5
Cater your resumé to the industry and company to which you are applying.

Banking & Finance resumés are very conservative
Marketing & Media resumés can be more creative
Email your updated resumé by December 21st to:
If you use our template, we'll edit it for you!
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