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Oauth Integration: Using ColdFusion to connect w/ Facebook & Twitter

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Jeff Gladnick

on 14 May 2011

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Transcript of Oauth Integration: Using ColdFusion to connect w/ Facebook & Twitter

Oauth Integration: Using ColdFusion to connect w/ Facebook & Twitter Who is this guy? What is Oauth and why do I care? What it means to you: its the technique you have
to use if you want to connect to popular online web
applications, like Twitter and Facebook It's kind of like
a valet key for
web applications Consumer ID/Key
Consumer Secret

Access Token Auth token
Access Secret Auth Secret Key Terms To Remember *Quiz @ the end. < code /> and
(not) Live example time Gotchas Must use a _____.com for the local development environment
If you have multiple accounts (ie business account, fan page, etc), you need to make an additional request. Authorization w/ Oauth and basic API usage Options:

MokehTweet API
Twitter4j Java Library 1. Download Twitter4j.jar 2. Register a new Twitter App http://twitter.com/apps Conclusions Resistance is futile
Oauth gives users greater control
Once you get the hang of it, other APIs act similarly
Consider java JAR files as API wrappers Other Resources MonkehTweet
Facebook SDK
FacebookGraph.cfc (mine)
RiaForge, Github, etc
http://blog.robobrien.com/integrating-twitter-and-oauth-with-coldfusion/ Questions? In the beginning.... Web services stored actual usernames/passwords
More complicated to maintain
Security Issues
Access control issues Security Issues Compromised accounts now compromise other accounts (compromised chain reaction?!)
Different sites have different security standards. You usually don't have access to this information. Access Control Issues Changed password requires multiple updates
3rd party sites have FULL access to account, nothing more nothing less. 3rd Party API access Oauth Authorization Process Outline 1) Create a link for the user to click that takes them to twitter
2) (On twitter) the user authorizes your app
3) (On twitter) the user is sent back to your "call back" page
w/ authorization info
4) We take the authorization info to get permanent
"valet keys" for the user
5) We do "twitter stuff" on the user's account Jeff Gladnick
GreatDentalWebsites.com @jeffglad
jeff@greatdentalwebsites.com Presentation Goals Learn the basic principals of oAuth
See practical examples of integration w/ the two most popular oAuth apis - Facebook & Twitter
Leave and be able to work this into your own application
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