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Neonatal Surgeon

No description

Taylor Smith

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Neonatal Surgeon

Neonatal Surgeon
Taylor Smith 2A
What is neonatal surgery?
Neonatal surgery is a sub-specialty of pediatric surgery. Pediatric surgeons have the advanced education and skills necessary to perform surgery on infants amd small children. Neonatal surgeons go through additional training to perform corrective surgery on newborns and premies. They often repair chest and abdominal defects.
What does it take to become a neonatal surgeon?
Aside from your love of children and bringing other people happiness, you have to do school, and a lot of it. As an undergrad you're encouraged to take classes like organic chemistry and advanced math. After receiving your Bachelor's degree, you attend an accredited four-year med school to earn your physician's license.
After earning your license, you are legally deemed a medical doctor and have to complete your general surgery residency. After taking your boards certification, you must complete a two-year pediatric surgery training program with a neonatal sub-specialty.
What is a day in the life of a neonatal surgeon?
Neonatal surgeons are responsible for surgical preparation and oversight of critical patient after-care. They generally work with a neonatal hospital team to ensure the surgery has a successful outcome.
What salary can you expect as a neonatal surgeon?
On average, neonatal syrgeons make between $96,958 and $463,550 a year, earning the average annual salary of about $286,825.
Am I interested in pursuing a career as a neonatal surgeon?
I would be interested in this career because of my passion for helping others and bringing people general happiness. I also really enjoy babies, they're adorable and helping premature ones live is amazing to see. I also would be interested in the surgical aspect of it and learning how operating on babies is different.
Besides, who doesn't wanna be Addison Montgomery?
"Neonatal Surgeon: Job Description and Education Requirements." Study.com. Web. 21 Aug. 2015.
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