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camp hope

No description

Alexandra Crow

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of camp hope

Camp Hope By Cody Martin How do cancer support groups help children in their battle against cancer? I chose this topic because Camp Hope has made such a great impact on my life and I wanted to give the experience to the younger campers. The theme of Camp Hope has always been letting kids be kids, allowing
them to forget about cancer to enjoy a fun-filled week of activities with
friends. Camp Hope is a place where special memories are made for both
campers and volunteers. Camp Hope truly has a special place in everyone's
How I spent my 20 hours
Interacting with campers at Camp
Hope and giving them a week without
This year when I attented camp, I
went not only for myself but to share
the positive effect its had on my life
with the younger campers.
I had the most trouble finding a
If I could change anything, I would've
definitely gotten started on my project
What I like about my project the most
was working with the children and seeing
how much joy camp hope brought them.
What i'm proud of is actually sticking
with my project and getting over all of
speed bumps in the road that I incountered.
What I'm least proud of is putting it
off for so long.
During the week the campers are given
the opportunity to do many different
activities. The activities include:
Horse back riding
Arts and crafts
Nature walks
Hay rack rides
Firework show
Shaving cream and water balloon fight
Cabin raids
Water park
Through my research I really learned
a lot about how support groups function
and what they provide to cancer patients.
I also learned a lot about cancer itself
and how it effects the lives of young
children. I had a lot of trouble finding a mentor.
All of the volunteers and house parents live
outside of wichita and everyone else I tried was
too busy. I decided to use one of the parents
of the campers as my mentor because I figured
that she of all people would know what kind of
impact Camp Hope has on cancer patients. Conclusion
From this project I really learned
that I can do anything if I set my mind to it.
I think this will help me in the future because
I plan to work with chilren with cancer.
Even though my mentor couldn't be here today
I'd like to thank her for jumping into this on such
short notice and really helping me with my project. Pictures
In loving memory...
Mike Nelson and Audra Benge
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