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SH&E Presentation - Aviation Consultancy

No description

Baptiste Falip

on 7 July 2010

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Transcript of SH&E Presentation - Aviation Consultancy

SH&E is a unique consultancy serving clients with all forms of aviation expertise 1. Specialty consulting firm of 100 staff dedicated exclusively to aviation
2. In business more than 45 years since founding in 1963
3. Performed over 6,000 individual engagements worldwide
4. Full-service offices in London, New York, Boston and Washington
5. Professionals recruited from airlines, airports, finance, government agencies, manufacturers, and I.T.
Airports Airline Management Consulting/Process Improvement
Business & Industry Analysis
Financial Services Support (Due Diligence, Valuations)
Litigation Support
Public Policy &Strategic Planning
Strategy (Yield Management)
NetWorks (Route Network Ops)
Privatization Implementation
Post-Privatization Demand Forecasting
Financial Feasibility
Air Service Marketing
Public Policy / Regulatory Support
Environmental Analysis
Rates and Charges Asset Management
Aircraft and Engine Repair Oversight
Reliability Analysis
Interiors/ Inspection Services
Litigation Support
Analysis of Aircraft Performance
Appraisals & Future Value Forecasts
Modeling & Maintenance Reserve Requirements
Due Diligence
Aircraft Remarketing & Aircraft Procurements
Other Asset Remarketing
Management Audits
Airline & Aircraft Valuations
Other Asset Valuations
Due Diligence
Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring
Business & Restructuring Plan Analysis
Financial Modelling

Aircraft Financial
Services Services Practices Clients We assist our client in a wide range of services This Services Are Managed by Practices SH&E Global Client List Management Consulting Financial & Technical Services Airports Security &
Safety Decision
Support www.sh-e.com
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