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Research in the Community: Gender Portrayals in Disney Movies

No description

Tess Tanaka

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Research in the Community: Gender Portrayals in Disney Movies

disney wikia Lyrics to
Poor Unfortunate Souls Solutions Disney: more critical mindset The Little Mermaid Effects on Children By: Tess Tanaka The Magical World of Disney Movies “All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney coasternet KatiieLouiseee Femininity Perfect Damsels in Distress Seductress Win the prince sparksummit Strong Brave Charming Masculinity thosessillybohemians Frightening free-extras gaggingonsexism kidstvmovies fanpop laplusbellefilledefrance thewritersalleys fanpop fanpop dettoldisney villains.wikia ultimatepopculture fanpop protagonist
Future views You Tube Flickr
pj-mccormick Why should children watch Disney films? Follow your dreams Love for Nature and Animals Kindness Power of Love Imagination ehow Positive Effects inkandpixelclub disneydreaming bcsfamilies movieebuzzz magicofdisneyart magicofdisneyart simplyklassichome thesturdyoak Perceive others Change in behavior Parents: educate children disney.wikia Emotions rdhorrorproject rdhorrorproject A Gender Fantasy? Thanks for listening!
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