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3rd Nordic GeoGebra Conference keynote

14. 09. 2012. Tartu, Estonia

Balazs Koren

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of 3rd Nordic GeoGebra Conference keynote

Ge Gebra 2002 2012 2007 2005 forum, wiki page 2011 ... Institutes Over 100 institutes and increaseing... t: @geogebra f: http://facebook.com/geogebra w: http://geogebra.org e: community@geogebra.org y: http://youtube.com/geogebrachannel Thank you Community Institutes 4.0 http://geogebratube.org 1 click upload
14000+ materials uploaded Salzburg, 2002 5.0 beta, real 3D http://geogebra.org/web Software Development OpenSource - you can contribute
4.2 RC
5.0 beta
- Real 3D
- Python window
Kinect, wii, Raspberry Pie, etc. Statistics You! Use it!
Share it!
Upload materials
to GeoGebraTube! b: http://blog.geogebra.org w: http://geogebratube.org http://bit.ly/geogebra1 http://www.geogebra.org/webstart/2.0/geogebra.jnlp To know your future you must know your past institute networks Spain If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
Warren Buffett Local knowledge
Local support Collaboration Grants An old version of the GeoGebraWeb... GeoGebra blog Long news More than 100 institutes worldwide The Nordic GeoGebra Network is a collaboration between teachers, teacher educators and researchers in mathematics education with the aim of sharing materials and exchanging experiences concerning the use of ICT in the teaching of mathematics with emphasis on the GeoGebra software. An overview, what happened in the GeoGebra Community in the last year Balazs Koren - balazs@geogebra.org We hope to soon start work on adding:

2nd Graphics View
Spreadsheet View
CAS View
3D View What is working:

All commands, including the new ones from GeoGebra 4.2
Algebra View
Input Bar
Style Bar

Bonus features that the Java version doesn’t have:

Save and share your .ggb files to Google Drive
Edit -> Insert Image from -> Webcam
Equation editing in the Algebra View GeoGebra Chrome App Try it! http://blog.geogebra.org/2012/06/geogebra-chrome-app-released/ http://geogebra.org/web/web_gui

http://geogebraweb.appspot.com Twitter Short news Facebook Longer news A special kind of institute network World Wide User Community 62 Languages
190 Countries
107 Institutes (75 Countries)
GG in textbooks in 40 Countries
43 Developers
200 Translators
35.000 Online Learning Objects 900,000 unique visitors/month
400,000 downloads /month
6.2 million downloads in 2011
On 5.5 million classroom laptops GeoGebraTube Materials http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/geogebra/geogebra-for-the-ipad
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