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Isaac Newton

No description

Tasmia Amjad

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac
Newton Tasmia Amjad
Period 1
History Timeline of Newton's Life January 4,
1643 Newton
is born. 1661
Goes to
University. 1665
Returns to
his hometown,
Woolsthorpe. 1667
and becomes
fellow of Trinity
College. 1687
Principles of
Philosophy. 1703
of Royal
Society. 1668
Invents a reflecting
telescope. March 27,
Newton dies. Newton's Discoveries and Inventions . Invented a reflecting telescope. . The reflecting telescope's lens focused
all of the colors which a refracting
telescope failed to do. . One of two creators of calculus. . Newton was one of the creators of
calculus which is a mathematical
branch where rates of change are
studied. He was equally credited
for creating calculus as the other who
was Leibniz. . Discovered three laws of motion. . The three laws of motion were physical
laws that basically described a bodies' motion under forces. Why are Newton's Discoveries and
Inventions Important? . . Made understanding of the universe better. Helped technology go advanced and
still is. . Helped scientists make tools to go to
space. How did Newton Influence the World? . Past . People studied his works and created
new things. . Today . People still study his work and add on. . Also, people study his work and make new
discoveries like in the past. . We still learn and use calculus in school and daily lives. Accomplishments of other Scientists
in the Same Field as Newton . Robert Hooke . Invented balance wheel and
universal joint. . Balance wheel- timekeeping device . Universal joint- joint in a rigid rod so the rod
can bend in any way . Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz . Was the other creator of calculus. . Leibniz and Newton got in a lot
of arguments over who created
calculus but at the end they were
equally credited. Facts About Newton's Education . Attended The King's School in Grantham,
Lincolnshire. . Went to Cambridge University for
a little while. . Became a fellow of Trinity College in 1667. . At first, in college, Newton studied law. . Served other college students for money when he first entered college. Facts About Newton's Family . His father was a farmer and was married to
Hanna Ayscough. . Newton's father died three months before
he was born. . Hanna Ayscough, his mother, was an illiterate woman. . He lived with his grandmother
after his mother got remarried. . Newton hated his stepfather and his mother for marrying him. Fun Facts About Isaac Newton . Isaac could be put in a quart jug when he was a baby because he had a premature birth. Born on January 4,1643 in Woolsthorpe, England, United Kingdom. . . He was also an expert in religion. . Isaac Newton's vernacular language was
Latin. . Was president of the Royal Scoiety which was a scientific society. Bibliography . Jessa.Tega. Universe Today. March 6,2013. www.universetoday.com/ 38643/ what- did-
isaac- newton- discover/ . BBC. March 6,2013. www.bbc.co.uk/ historic
figures/ newton isaacs html . Wikipedia. March 6,2013. en.wikipedia.org/
wiki/ Isaac.Newton . Nakate,Shashank. Buzzle. March 7,2013. www.buzzle.com/ articles/ sir- isaac- newton- facts.html . Biography Online. March 7, 2013. www.
biographyonline.net/ scientists' facts.
newton. html
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