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Washington State as a Center for International Giving!


Efrain Gutierrez

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Washington State as a Center for International Giving!

Trip to Central America! Washington State a Center for international Giving
The Seattle International Foundation Participatory Approach The strategy Measuring Youth Leadership Development is a project supported by the foundation and includes a trip to Central America. Youth and local non profits at the Center of my research
To develop youth leaders in Central America SeaIF invests in the most effective youth leadership programs in the region. Antigua de Guatemala Ciudad de Guatemala Global Visionaries Interviews with professors working on youth leadership development Inteviews with staff and youth Visit to El Movimiento de Jóvenes Mayas MOJOMAYAS El Tablon Visit to the Universidad del Valle
en el altiplano de Guatemala San Salvador Visit with experts on youth development Meeting with staff and focus groups with youth VIsiting youth development proyects funded by Salvadorians in the U.S. Santo Tomas Focus groups with Mujeres Transformando San Rafael Colectiva Juvenil feminista de Mujeres salvadoreñas Cuscatlan Visiting the group
Mujeres en Contacto Focus group with country director Follow me during my trip.. Proyect webpage http://bit.ly/youthleadershipCA Updates on: Seattle International Foundation Facebook page http://bit.ly/joinSeaIFonFacebook Efrain Gutierrez twitter: http://twitter.com/efragu http://bit.ly/joinSeaIFonFacebook
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