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off the cuff & out of the blue

Michael H

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Improvisation

Improvisation Key Elements Why say YES? say YES! Say what? Your confidence will grow and so will your creativity Improvisation will improve your acting ability! How else can we use Improvisation? remember...all you need to do is be open-minded and say YES to what the actors offer you... Let's get started... Break into pairs...

Sit facing your partner with a small space between you...

Imagine that in that space there is a bucket...

This bucket is magic and has every possible item that exists in it -
bikes, gum, disneyland, fish etc...

Label yourselves A & B... A - you have to pull things out of the bucket and say what they are as you do so, but... A will go first... If you stumble, say "errr", "ummm" or just go quiet then you stop and B takes over. GO! On your marks, get set... Improvisation is the skill of being able
to perform with little or no rehearsal

It requires creativity, imagination and a great
deal of team work When performing in an improvisation you
must remember to offer ideas and developments
to the other actors

It it your job to keep the story going and to keep the
audience interested

Keith Johnstone, writer of the famous book IMPRO
says that actors need to say YES to everything -
be open minded and say YES If you choose to say NO in an
improvisation and not go with the
situation offered to you by another actor
what could happen? Improvisation isn't just for actors...it is
used by musicians, writers, dancers, athletes & singers to try and develop their creativity in their
chosen field of work.

Many things we know today have stemmed from improvisation and from people like you just saying
YES to ideas; books, sports, films, songs, etc. Say Yes!!!!!!! Your scene would never get going You'll look like you don't know
what you're doing The audience will lose interest The drama would not develop You could lose confidence in your
acting ability did you know... You never know...you may create the next LIttle
Britain or Harry Potter - just say
YES to your ideas! When it's not your turn, keep count
of how many things they pull out
without making a mistake...

see who can get more!
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