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Forged By Fire By Sharon M. Draper

No description

Josue Sican

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of Forged By Fire By Sharon M. Draper

Forged By Fire
Sharon Draper By: Henry Sican Main Idea Setting Characters Problem Solution About The Author This story is about a boy named Gerald. Gerald was 3 years old when he first experienced the dangers of fire. after his mother whos name would be later reveled in the book as Monique left him alone in their house to get high. After this incedent Monique was sent to jail and custody of Gerald was given to his great aunt. When Gerald was 10 his aunt died from an unexpected heart attack and his custody was given back to his mother. When he first moved in with his mother he met his step sister, Angel, who was born in prison and his step father, Jordan Sparks, who is abusive to Angel, Monique, and Gerald. Before Angel was very hesitant about telling anyone of the abuse she recieved from Jordan. Eventually she tells Gerald and he takes the risk of facing Jordan. Cincinnati, Ohio First Home With Monique Second Home With Aunt Queen Third Home With Monique, Jordan, and Angel Gerald Gerald is the main character of this book. He was involved in a fire when he was three after his mother left him alone. His mother was put in jail and Geralds cutody was given to his Aunt Queen. Aunt Queen dies when he is ten and his custody is given back to his mother to find a step-sister and a step father. Him and his sister bond very well and he protects her from his step-father. Aunt Queen Monique Angel Jordan Sparks Monique is the mother of Gerald. Gerald is taken away from her because of a fire he is in and she put in prison. He is given to her sister. While in prison she meets Jordan. Also while in prison her daughter, Angel, is born. After she is out of prison she is given back Gerald to the cause that her sister dies. She is abused by Jordan. Aunt Queen is Gerald's aunt and Monique's sister. She takes cutody of Gerald after his mother is put in prison. She dies of an unexpected heart attack and his custody is given back to his mother. Angel is Gerald's sister. She is born while Gerald's mom is in prison. Her dad is Jordan. Her and Gerald bond and Gerald takes on the task of protecting Angel from her father. She is abused by Jordan and Gerald tries is best to stop it. She survives the fire by nearly being unconscious by the beating given to her by her father. Jordan is the father of Angel and the step-father of Gerald. He is abusive to Moinique, Angel, and sometimes Gerald. He is confronted many times by Gerald about his abuse. One day he goes to far for Gerald when Angel is on the tip of conciousness during another fire at the end of the book. Gerald is attacked by Jordan but he fights back with all the rage inside himself. Jordan dies in the fire after the confrontation. The main problem of this story is that Gerald does not know how to confront Jordan. Gerald wants to confront Jordan because he is abusing Monique, Angel, and sometimes Gerald himself. A problem based off of the main problem is that he wants to protect Angel and Monique while she is being abused but he can't because he is only ten years old. The solution of this story is the fire. This fire solves all of the problems in the book. One is that Gerald confronts Jordan and protects Angel. He successfully does both. In this fire he also saves Angel and himself because of his previous experience with fire. After Gerald confronts his ster-father, Jordan dies in the fire. I recomend this Book First Success Home & Family Academic Books in Cincinnati, Ohio of
Four Children & Husband Has at least wrote 25 successful Her was "One Small Torch" which is the scene of the first fire in "Forged By Fire" two of the best well known are
"Darkness Before Dawn" and
"The Battle Of Jericho" "One Small Torch" was wrote because of an ad put out by Ebony Magazine to write a short story. The winner would receive $5,000. Her achievements are graduating from Pepperdine University and being a teacher untill 1991. Sharon M. Draper was born on April 11, 1952 in Cleveland, Ohio Information about the auther from
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