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El Camino Real

No description

Laura Chen

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of El Camino Real

El Camino Real By: Casey and Laura Starting point: Mexico City Day 1: Old Trail starting point: Mexico city Old El Camino Real Our Modern El Camino Real trail Leave at 8:00 am Santiago de Queretaro 218 km. (136 mi.) Time of arrival: 10:30 am Head on Mexico 57 to Santiago de Queretaro Time of departure: 11:00 am Continue on Mexico 57 to San Luis Potosi Day 1 San Luis Potosi 228 km, 142 mi Departure: 2:30 pm Arrival: 1:30 pm Stop# 1 Take Mexico 45 to Fresnillo Fresnillo Stop #2 243 km, 151 mi Stop# 3 Arrival: 5:00 pm Stay for the night Day 2 Starting point: Fresnillo Leave at 8:00 am Take Mexico 45 to Durango Distance from Fresnillo to Durango: 232 km (144 mi) Departure 11:00 am Stop: 1 arrival 10:30 am Ending point: Fresnillo Continue on mexico 45 to Parral: Ending point: Delicias Durango Stop#2 Parral (414 km, 257 mi) Arrival: 3:00 pm Departure: 4:00 pm Head on Mexico 24 to Delicias, Mexico Stop: 3 Delicias (200 km, 124 mi) arrival: 6:00 pm stay for the night Day 3 Starting point: Delicias ending point: Truth or Consequences, NM Leave at 8:00 am Head on Mexico 45 to Chihuahua Stop #1
Chihuahua (87.5 km, 54 mi) Arrival: 8:50 am Departure: 9:00 am Continue on Mexico 45 to Ciudad Juarez/ El Paso Stop #2 Ciudad Juarez/ El Paso (373 km, 232 mi) Arrival: 1:00 pm Departure 2:00 pm Head onto I- 25 northbound to truth or consequences, NM. Truth or Consequences Stop #3 (190 km, 118 mi) Arrival: 4:00 pm Stay for the night Day 4 Yay! it's the final day! Starting point: Truth or Consequences Ending point: Santa Fe Leave at 10:00 am Take I-25 northbound to Albuquerque. Stop: 1 Albuquerque (245 km, 152 mi) Arrival: 12:30 pm Departure: 1:30 pm Continue on I-25 north to Santa Fe (Destination of the trip) Destination: Santa Fe! Yay! (100km, 61.6 mi) Arrival at: 2:30 pm Reached Destination in 4 days, traveling 1572 miles in total Type of transportation: Car. (preferably a Lexus RX Silver Midsized SUV.) Merchandise is brought along with Extra storage in car or U- haul trailer. Hazards along the way: Flat Tire, Stranded, Lost, out of gas etc. Destination point: Santa Fe Leave at 6:00 am Take the El Camino Real Trail to the next big city, Guanajuato Day 28 Guanajuanto Lagos Day 36 Day 52 Zacatecas day 75 Durango Day 107 El Parral Chihuahua Juarez El Paso Socorro Albuquerque Santa Fe The End!

We sincerely hope this prezi did not kill you. But if it did, that proves you're not awesome enough. Today we have arrived at guanajuanto for supplies and other stuff. 335km, 221 mi We arrived at Lagos ,north of the paraje, Leon.
Today we are getting supplies from this paraje. 103 km, 64 mi Continue on the El Camino Real trail (209 km, 130 mi) At Zacatecas, another paraje that popped up because of the El Camino Real, we reloaded supplies. Continue to the city of Durango. (291 km, 101 mi) We will have to load more food, water, and supplies to enter the parched Chihuahuan desert. Continue to the cities of El Parral and Allende 414 km, 257 mi We have entered the Chihuahuan desert, and we have to load more supplies for the long trip. Continue on the El Camino Real. Day 131 (311 km, 193 mi) Today after days of dehydration in the hot desert we have reached Chihuahua. Continue on the El Camino Real to Juarez and El Paso. Day 160 We reached the end of the barren desert. Now on this route, the Rio
Grande will outline the El Camino Real. (369 km, 229 mi) Continue for a days journey to El Paso in New Mexico. Day 161 (10 km, 6 mi) Arrival at El Paso. El Paso is one of NM official Villas. El Paso is on the Rio Grande's east bank. Continue to Socorro New Mexico Day 184 Arrival at Socorro (302 km, 190 mi) Socorro was a city along the route Onate took. On the way to Socorro we took the Jornada Del Mundo. Continue to Albuquerque on the El Camino Real. Day 194 (128 km, 79 mi) It is one of the official villas in NM. Albuquerque was founded in 1706. Continue to the capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe. Day 201 Yay! We Made it to Santa fe! (99 km, 61.6 mi) After 201 days of travel, the caravan made it to Santa Fe. Traveling rate: (97.4 km, 6o mi)/ hr Traveling rate: around 8 mi a day Types of transportation: Wagons, caravans usually carried by horse, mule, oxen etc. Hazards along the trip: Being raided, dehydration, stranded, wheels stuck in mud, lost, ran out of supplies, weather. Supplies are accessed by convenience stores and gas stations. Supplies are accessed by nearby cities or by natural resources. And matching luggages
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