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The 5 disciplines of digital inbound marketing

Scalability Project | strategy to help brands grow

Shade Wilson

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of The 5 disciplines of digital inbound marketing

Social Media We work with businesses that want to grow, but don't either have the bandwidth or the internal expertise to take advantage of new digital marketing and social media techniques to drive that growth. To see how, please click on the arrows below Buyers Cycle Research solutions Possible providers Tactics the Identify a need (cc) photo by tudor on Flickr (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr marketing
analytics Tactics Audience generating
leads marketing
strategy Website Optimization Landing Pages Content Marketing Web Analytics A/B Testing Campaign Tracking What are their motivations - needs, wants, desires, and challenges that drive them? What's been their interaction with the brand so far?

For a B2B audience it means also understanding their role in the organization - how they are rewarded and how are their bosses rewarded? What is the pain chain, and how does it impact across the organization?

Building a persona is a critical step in the planning process and we're trained to do just that. A persona example we help build scale into businesses by: With the easy availability of information they are taking a proactive approach to finding a solution.

The buyer's process
Identify the need
Research available solutions
Develop shortlist of possible providers
Evaluate the alternatives
Select and make the purchase

Different marketing tactics are needed to make an impact early, middle and late in buying cycle. The best approach is to integrate several into the planning.

We'll build a roadmap that will lead to better results for your brand. Evaluate Purchase Branding, PR, Advertising, Social Media Search, Content, Blogs, Website Events, Webinars, Landing Pages Lead Nurturing, Ecommerce, Sales Engagement, CRM User support, best practice how-to, activation & retention integrate tactics throughout the process Your website is a critical source for potential customers who are searching to learn more about the value you offer. How easy or difficult you make it for them to discover this value will have a direct impact on your business.

We build sites designed to move your customers along the buying cycle from research, to consideration, to evaluation and purchase decision. your website should be the hub understand the buyer holistically buyers aren't waiting for your call offer value, get value If you could do one thing to drastically improve your marketing and increase your return on investment, it would be to develop more effective landing pages on your website.

We help brands develop landing pages that target visitors, engage them and turn them into leads. define the need, point to a solution Buyers are searching for solutions. Great content provides information and thought leadership that demonstrates how you understand their challenges and can provide real answers.

Its about developing your "voice of the expert". Whether its through an article, blog, conference presentation, etc., it's all about sharing knowledge and know-how. test early and often Testing is critical to delivering great results. The lesson to be learned is that there is much we don't know.

Test audience, message, creative, channel, offer and always in a fair A/B versioning to eliminate as many external impacts on the results as possible.

Bottom line be willing to kill that "great idea" if it doesn't hold up to the scrutiny of the marketplace. if you don't measure it, it's just a hobby Did it work, didn't it work, were there segments that performed better than others? Total campaign analysis is key to discover that aha that will lead to the break through. It's important to pay attention to all the factors that drive results. Then look to improve them. measure what matters Web analytics tools can provide a wealth of information and data. The challenge is picking out the right information that will help move the needle.

We can help by setting up and configuring an analytics platform that focuses on what you need-to-know, and pushes the nice-to-know to the background. strategy • brand • web • search • social • lead generation • analytics digital inbound marketing Search & SEO Blogging Search is a wide and expansive area. We help brands start with the basics then build from there:
Keyword research & strategy
Onsite SEO with optimized titles, description, and keyword tags
A logical link building strategy make it easy to get found built for search, written for humans Blogging is one of the top tactics for businesses to impact their search rankings and make if easier for buyers to find them. It's also one of the best ways to demonstrate a brands knowledge and expertise. Effective blogs are build with SEO in mind, but written for humans to read.

We help establish the baseline with a content strategy and can even take on the task of creating a weekly or twice a week blog to bring buyers to your front door. practical applications for business Increasingly, people are ending up on a company’s website only after first encountering the brand elsewhere online through search, or social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

So how do you establish a social media strategy that will impact your business? We can help
Set your goals based on outcomes
Be where your customers are
Build slowly
To engage your buyer, be interesting
Create a schedule and stick to it lead nurturing Offer Testing Email Marketing CRM Integration Buyers now move through several discovery & research stages in the buying cycle before they're ready to speak with sales.

Scalability Project helps you map & match offers for each stage that will move your buyer and increase your sales conversion. build engagement with targeted content staying top of mind Email is a perfect tool to periodically reach and keep potential buyers engaged as they move through the buying cycle.

We help craft and execute an email strategy that is not too much, and not too little to keep your brand top of mind. working with your current process If a tree falls in a forest, you may not care. However, if a prospect requests more information, you certainly do.

Connecting your marketing to your sales process is critical. Part of that is ensuring that it is integrated with your CRM system. Scalability Project can help you do that. increasing
traffic marketing strategy increasing traffic generating leads lead nurturing marketing analytics Brand Your branding and messaging should be informed by a better understanding of your audience. Leverage the good, overcome the challenges and be consistent across the organization.

We develop branding and messaging that supports the strategy and connects with the buyer on why your brand is best positioned to solve their needs.

We then train and empower the entire organization to speak with one consistent voice focusing on the customer. messaging that connects Driving more traffic to their website
Generate more leads from that traffic
Nurturing those leads to convert more into sales the 5 disciplines of inbound marketing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. About us Scalability Project is a digital inbound marketing agency focusing on digital marketing and social media.

It’s principal brand strategist, Shade Wilson formed the agency after more than 15 years experience in marketing at advertising agencies like DIMAC Direct, and the Martin Agency as well as internet startups like PrecisionIR, and Snagajob. He’s managed rebranding efforts, communication planning, and go to market strategies across 13 countries in North America and Europe. scalabilityproject.com
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