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Song of the Hummingbird

SSR project

Guillermo Aguirre

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Song of the Hummingbird

The story is told by the protagonist, Huitzitzilin or Hummingbird. She was an Aztec princess who later becomes a slave as the book progresses.
Work Experience
Hummingbird(Huitzitzilin) dies and father Benito reflects on her loss. He meditates and thinks about what she went through and sees the world thought her eyes. He envisioned her as bird.
Song of the Hummingbird
Guillermo Aguirre
Who's the Narrator?
The story took place in Mexico. It was during the time when the Spaniards invaded Mexico. This was around the 1500's.
Main Characters
How did it end?
I liked the book. I really took something away from the message. A lot of us and not only at school, are judging people who we do not know. We tend to not even try to meet them. Maybe if we took our time and meet people it would be different and the out come might surprise you. This book relates to real life situations. The author did a great job getting the message out.
What do I think?

The story is about the fall of the Aztecs at the hands of Cortes and the Spanish conquerors. It is 1582, An indigenous old woman recounts her story to a young monk from Spain who finds that her version of events does not match what he learned in school.
I think that it was a good book. I recommend it to people who love reading fictional stories. It was pretty interesting to read a book from the conquered rather than the conquerors point of view.
Main Idea/Message
Hummingbird or Huitzitzilin
She is not only the main but she is the one who tells the monk the story of what she went through as an Aztec princess to a servant and saw how Cortes destroyed Mexico city.
The Monk/Father Benito
He is a 27 year old man to whom is listening to Hummingbird and her story. He finds out how the stories he had been told before do not match.
The main idea that i saw is this books was that you can not judge other people by their beliefs. You have to understand their beliefs, their culture, and their lives to see who they are. Just like Father Benito, The monk. At the end of the story he thought and meditated," to see it through her eyes inits wholeness and not in feagments,"(217). H had learned from her story.
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