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The Giver

No description

Gisela Rodriguez

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of The Giver

The Giver
Volunteer hours
Each person has a certain amount of hours they need to do in order to be assigned to their job. They start volunteering when they turn a nine.
Once you turn a twelve you are assigned a job. It is chosen by the volunteer hours you make in a certain place.
Jonas is a regular guy from his community. He hasn't felt any feelings, he hasn't broken any important rules, but he is curious, determined, and brave.
Jonas is now experiencing good and bad. He is starting to disagree with the community on their decisions. Things have changed for Jonas and now he wants to change the bad to good.
Jonas lives in a community where feelings aren't allowed. No pain is felt. Where you don't choose your life. Everyone is assigned a job when you turn a twelve.
House of the Old
Nurturing Center
Recreation Center
Rehabilitation Center
Birth mother
Fish Hatchery Attendant
Director of Recreation
Qualities Jonas has
At the ceremony the decisions are to be made. Everyone has a number that is kinda their name. They skip Jonas' number and he starts to get nervous.
Everyone starts to get tense
Everyone is also confused
Classmates are curious about what happened
The Chief Elder skips Jonas' Number
This has never happened before so everyone is confused. Jonas is feeling ashamed of himself because he was not assigned. He also starts to have thoughts like, "Am I going to be released?"
The Chief Elder apologizes for causing anxiety
She reveals what and why Jonas was not assigned
Jonas is asked to go on the stage to be explained what happened
Jonas is starting to get more nervous but notices a man with pale eyes
The Receiver
The Chief Elder explains what Jonas was
to do.
The receiver is a very rare job to be
It needs 3 qualities to qualify for the receiver
He needs to have intelligence, integrity, and courage
They haven't had a new Receiver for 10 years after the incident
Jonas have the power to see beyond
You need precise use of language
Only way of transportation is a bike
You are assigned a partner
Age is considered a group
The Giver
After the first day of training Jonas now see's the the community differently. He no longer agrees with what the Community has done.
Jonas is given memories from the past
He starts to learn how the world was before the community was made
Things start to change and he starts to see colors
Jonas also starts to think the world was better before
Everything starts to make no sense for him
Jonas Now
Jonas and the Giver start to plan out how Jonas is going to escape
Things got complicated and Jonas had to leave with Gabriel
Jonas is trying to transfer his memories to all the community
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