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Copy of Polish migration to the UK

A Prezintation about Polish migration to the UK.

Mr Monteith

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Polish migration to the UK

Advantages to Romania

Less poverty and unemployment, less spending on benefits.
Some of the emigrants return home and have more money. This helps the economy.
More free land is available, this lowers house prices.
More resources are available.
Disadvantages to Romania
A lot of the young workforce is leaving the country.
This means that there are less people to work and less people to tax.
This means the country gets less money to use on national services.
Also, there are less young people to look after the old people.
Between December 2003 and 2010, the Polish born population rose from 75,000 to 532,000.
London had 122,000 Polish residents, 23% of the total.

In March 2007 about 20% of immigration in the UK was from A8 countries.
42% of foreign EU citizens living in the UK were from A8 countries. That's about 872,000 people.
In many places in the UK, the Poles were in the top three biggest immigrations.
Romanian (and other A8 nationalities) Migration to the UK
Britain and the EU
Advantages to the UK
Immigrants add about £6 billion to the economy annually.
Polish immigrants are 3x more likely to obey the law than the average British citizen.
The young workforce increases.
There is more cheap labor for companies.
The immigrants bring needed skills.
Disadvantages to the UK
Pressure on NHS and other public services.
Taking jobs from local people.
Placing pressure on schools as they often don't speak much English.
Less homes are available so house prices go up.
Immigrants can be exploited.
Polish Born people in Employment in the UK
Ex 12
Pg 154
A8 Countries
A8 countries are countries that joined the EU in 2004.
When these countries joined the EU, their population found it easier to move to Britain.
BBC News
Office of National Statistics
Migration Observatory
The Telegraph
Home Office
1. 2+2=4
2. 5+4=12
God save the Queen!
The town of Wroclaw
Wroclaw is a town of about 35,000 people in Poland. Around 1,000 or about 3% of the population have moved to Britain, including 10% of the doctors as they are payed better in Britain. This means there are less doctors per person than there used to be.
The Polish deputy PM said:
"This is why I was against joining the EU. There is a danger many people may never come back home,"
Migration is when people move from one place to another.
Eastern Europe to
Thanks for
Town of Boston
Boston is a town of 64,600 people in Lincolnshire, England. In 2001, 98.5% of the population was white british. In 2011, 10.6% were from A8 countries. Sabrina Reall, a 27 year old british resident said "I stand in the playground and all I hear is Polish...They've got Polish teachers, too, and I've sometimes heard them talking to the kids in their language.'' 62% of the children in the schools are from foreign countries.
Jak się
Why do they come to Britain?
They come to Britain because the average wage is much higher and the standards of living are higher.

What other reasons can you think of for pople coming to the UK and leaving Romania or Bulgaria?
Look through the photographs on your table

The pictures outline the journey migrants from Romania MAY have to go through to get to the UK.

In your groups, rank the photos from the ones you find the most interesting to the ones you find least interesting. Be ready to explain your answers.
Work as a group!
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