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LGBT Parenting and Adoption

PSY 200

Group Presentation

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of LGBT Parenting and Adoption

"What makes a good
parent?" LGBT
Adoption brought to you by
Ani Dounamalian

Davonna Holloway

Samantha Lee

Ambar Lopez

Paul Matz

Rebecca Say

Roxana Martinez

Jessie Castelan

Leigha Naeole
Are any of the parenting skills or traits mentioned on this list exclusive to heterosexual parents? - The National Adoption Center stated, "We believe that every child has the right to a loving, nurturing and permanent family, and that people from a variety of life experiences offer strengths for these children. Therefore, it is the policy of the National Adoption Center that no person should be denied consideration in the adoption process solely based on marital status, sexual orientation, lifestyle, disability, physical appearance, race, gender, age, religion and/or size of family" (The Board of Directors of the National Adoption Center, 1998). What does it take to be a good parent? The American Academy of Pediatrics stated, "Children deserve to know that their relationships with both of their parents are stable and legally recognized. This applies to all children, whether their parents are of the same or opposite sex. The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes that a considerable body of professional literature provides evidence that children with parents who are homosexual can have the same advantages and the same expectations for health, adjustment, and development as can children whose parents are heterosexual. When 2 adults participate in parenting a child, they and the child deserve the serenity that comes with legal recognition" (Committee on Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health, 2002). Statements from Supporting Organizations American Academy of Pediatrics
American Psychiatric Association
Child Welfare League of America
American Psychological Association
National Adoption Center
North American Council on Adoptable Children
Adoptions Together (D.C)
Friends in Adoption
National Adoption Center (Delaware Valley)
Lifelong Adoptions
and many more! Supporters of LGBT Parenting and Adoption Children will be raised by 2 parents
Scientific research has been conducted and is consistent in showing that LGBT parents are as fit and capable as heterosexual parents
Family Processes vs Family Structures
Estimated 2 million LGBT are interested in adopting, only 4% of all adopted children have LGBT parents
2012, 110,000 children live with gay parents Benefits of LGBT parenting and adoption Children have a greater acceptance of people
Studies show that children raised by LGBT parents are more likely to play with toys and dress in clothes outside of their gender norm
People who have been raised by at least one gay parent have reported a greater sense of open-mindedness and well-roundedness
LGBT parents are more likely to adopt children who are harder to place in homes. Religions and Organizations opposed to LGBT adoption and Parenting State by state, some allow only single gay adoption while other states allow couples to adopt. Laws Benefits for Child
Benefits for Birth Mother
Benefits for Adoptive Family Adoptive Parents Statistics and History 6-14 million children nationwide live with at least one gay parent
21 states have granted second-parent adoptions to same-sex couples Statistics and History: 2000 Census The 2000 Census was able to identify households headed by same-sex couples, for the first time, through an "unmarried partners" designation
Did not count single lesbians and gay men raising children
Same-sex couples with children live in 96% of all counties nationwide
More than 250,000 children in the United States were being raised by lesbian and gay parents Christians
Save Our Children
Focus on the Family
Republicans and Conservatives Moral Reasons Against Gay Adoption Children of gay parents are more likely to turn out gay
Children will be made fun of and victimized by their peers
Children need both a male and female role model via a father and a mother
Gay people are more likely to be in violent and unstable relationships and be involved with drugs
Gay relationships do not last long What do you think? When you hear the word family, what is it that you picture? Love and Affection
Stress Management
Relationship Skills
Autonomy and Independence
Education and Learning
Life skills
Behavior Management
Safety Domestic vs. International

Closed Adoption vs. Open Adoption

Public Agency vs. Private Adoption Procedure and Benefits Adoptee becomes legal heir of adopter
Legal rights with birth parents terminated
Adoption laws differ based on the child's country of origin Benefits of LGBT Adoption Statistics and History: 2010 Census 4% of Americans are LGBT
One quarter of all same-sex households are raising children
Same-sex couples are identified in households where person 1 describes his or her relationship with another adult of the same sex as either a "husband/wife" or "unmarried partner"
Adoptions among same-sex couples increased from 8%-19% References American Civil Liberties Union of Utah. (2013). Overview of lesbian and gay parenting, adoption and foster care. Retrieved from http://www.acluutah.org/dcfsfacts.htm.
Biblarz, T. , & Stacey, J. (2010). How does the gender of parents matter?. Journal of Marriage and Family, 72(1), 3-22.
Birtha, B. (2011). National adoption center. Retrieved from http://www.adopt.org/assembled/diversity.html
"Bryan Fischer." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 03 Jan. 2013. Web. 13 Mar. 2013.
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Donaldson James, Susan. (June 23, 2011). Census 2010: One-quarter of gay couples raising children. Retrieved from http://abcnews.go.com/Health/sex-couples-census-data-trickles-quarter-raising-children/story?id=13850332
Drexler, P. (2012, May 29). Psychology today . Gay Parents Today, How Will They Fare. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/our-gender-ourselves/201205/gay-parents-raising-kids-how-will-they-fare
Health, C. (2002). Coparent or second-parent adoption by same-sex parents. Pediatrics, 109(2), 339-340.
Herek, G. (2006). Legal recognition of same-sex relationships in the united states: A social science perspective. American Psychologist, 61(6), 607-621.
Human Rights Campaign. (2012). Retrieved from http://www.hrc.org/resources/entry/professional-organizations-on-lgbt- parenting
Pappas, Stephanie. (January 16, 2012). Gay parents better than straight parents? What research says. Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/16/gay-parents-better-than-straights_n_1208659.html
Saenz, Arlette. (May 14, 2012). Despite romney claim, same-sex adoption laws vary. Retrieved from http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/05/despite-romney-claim-same-sex-adoption-laws-vary/
Sieczkowski, C. (2013, March 01). Gay couple shares unbelievable story . Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/01/gay-couple-adoption-baby-subway_n_2790965.html
Siegel Bernard, T. (2012, July 21). a family with two moms, except in the eyes of the law. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/21/your-money/same-sex-couples-often-face-obstacles-in-establishing-legal-ties-to-children.html?pagewanted=all&_r=1&
Tavernise, Sabrina. (June 13, 2011). Census shows rise in number of gay adoptions. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/14/us/14adoption.html
Are There Advantages of Having Gay Parents? | BabyMed.com. (n.d.). Fertility Calendar, Pregnancy Calendar, Ovulation Calendar Calculator and Symptoms | BabyMed.com. Retrieved February 22, 2013, from http://www.babymed.com/lesbian-pregnancy/are-there-advantages-having-gay-parents
Pappas, S. (2012, January 15). Why Gay Parents May Be the Best Parents | Gays, Lesbians & Same-Sex Marriage | Advantages of Gay Parenting & Gay Adoption | LiveScience . Science News – Science Articles and Current Events | LiveScience . Retrieved February 22, 2013, from http://www.livescience.com/17913-advantages-gay-parents.html "I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children." - Anita Bryant Anita Bryant, pageant winner and singer in the 1970s, became an advocate for anti-gay legislation; "Save our Children" Coalition
Believed it was wrong to have gay parents raise a child if they could not have a child biologically..
"What these people really want, hidden behind obscure legal phrases, is the legal right to propose to our children that theirs is an acceptable alternate way of life. [...] I will lead such a crusade to stop it as this country has not seen before." "Celebrity" Influence Anita Bryant Continued.. Bryan Fischer Host for the American Family Radio (American Family Association)
Claims that if same-sex couples were to adopt a child, it would be a form of child abuse.
Charged with kidnapping a child from a lesbian couple: He was trying to "smuggle" a child into a "normal" household. (encourages it) Who deserves the privilege of raising a child?
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