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Innovation Vectors

No description

John Cooper

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Innovation Vectors

Innovation Vectors for
Differentiation Innovate or Die! x Innovate or get in line
or be marginalized
or lower your prices { More like... Core what a company is becoming
Context what a company is not becoming When organizations innovate “bottoms up,” competitive separation is small, and differentiation is not sustainable: Lots of activity, not much to show for it. Bubble-up Innovation 0 = Innovating for Differentiation
Focus on Competitive Separation Amplify a specific vector of innovation CORE Failure to separate equates to lack of ability to influence the market Gain bargaining power by getting separation from your
competitive set YOU Competitor 3 Competitor 1 Competitor 2 CONTEXT PRODUCTIVITY Sources of Waste:
Differentiation projects that don’t go far enough
Neutralization projects that go beyond good enough
Unaligned innovation efforts that cancel each other out Optimization Neutralization Differentiation Competitive Set CORE Return on Innovation Waste Failed
Attempts Declare your core and
rally around it The key to a winning
innovation strategy = Which zone is your sweet spot? Customer
Vector Operational
Vector Product
Vector Building an Innovation Strategy
Value Disciplines as Innovation Vectors Apple TSMC IDEO Autodesk Genentech Salesforce.com Google Facebook SAP HP Microsoft Dell Customer
Vector Operational
Vector Product
Vector Value
Innovation Process
Innovation Business
Innovation Integration
Innovation Line Extension
Innovation Marketing
Innovation Experiential
Innovation Design
Innovation Disruptive
Innovation Product
Innovation Platform
Innovation Solution
Innovation Vectors of Innovation
Targeting Your Sweet Spot Identify a primary vector of differentiation, and declare this to be core. This will be your “Path out of the Yellow Circle.”

Drive offer and program investments “beyond reason” along your core vector to the point where the competition either cannot or will not follow.

Re-engineer supporting context processes to further accentuate and enhance your core differentiation. “Tilt” toward core.

Fund these extraordinary efforts by productivity initiatives focused on extracting resources from context activities. Creating Definitive Separation
How Great Companies Outperform Their Categories Have we declared or do we know which vector or vectors of innovation are core for our enterprise?

Do we have “crown jewels” that give us distinct competitive advantage on one or more of these vectors?

Are we over-investing on these vectors and making the corresponding cuts elsewhere to fund this focus?
Which of the three returns on innovation are we targeting? (Note: It is never appropriate to target more than one.)

Have we staffed this initiative with the appropriate type of leader?

Do our metrics of success measure the return we are seeking? Key Questions... Different types of innovation
succeed at different times The impact of category maturity
on innovation strategy Most innovation is wasted Why have an innovation strategy? Start with why, your examples...
The key to a winning innovation strategy
The impact of category maturity on innovation strategy
Quick Case Tonight's Agenda What innovation vector(s) do you think Apple will pursue
over the coming 3 years?
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