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Battle of the thames

No description

Max Harwood

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Battle of the thames

Were the british ill-prepared for the Battle of the Thames? Were the British ill-prepared for the battle? Sherman's farm, 4 km from battle site The Tecumseh Monument Site of the battle Suspected site of Tecumseh's death Dolson's landing, where the British crossed the Thames Downtown Chatham Henry Proctor U.S. Commander William Henry Harrison Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Park Shawnee Warrior British Gunboat Possible remnants of Dolson's Landing The forks (Present day Tecumseh Park) Rain swollen McGregor's Creek Warburton sinks two gunboats here Where the old McGregor creek bridge stood Oak tree dated back to 1812 in Tecumseh park Farm on south-west side of McGregor's creek
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