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Decisive Battles

No description

Malachi Hayden

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Decisive Battles

Union command changes again from Burnside to Joseph Hooker AKA "Fighting Joe". Hooker leads his force towards Richmond, but a force only half the size of Hooker's gets another Southern victory at Chancellorsville. Even though the South wins they loose Gen. Stonewall Jackson.
City under siege: Union controls Mississippi
Union is now lead by Gen. George Meade.
General Pickett lead the Southern charge, and the charge is known as Pickett's charge. 1/3 of Lee's Army is now gone, and as he and his men retreat he states "It's all my fault, it is I who have lost this fight".
Let's Try Richmond Again...
Battle of Gettysburg
North takes control of war after Vicksburg
Lee gained confidence due to previous Confed. victories, and this leads to Lee's 1863 invasion of the North.

Day #1 Confederate forces come to Gettysburg searching for supplies due to the blockade by the North. However, instead of supplies Union & Confed. forces will be locked in a 3 day excursion.
The last city on the Mississippi to be taken by the North. Grant was unable to take the city by force so he did so by cutting Vicksburg off also known as a siege.

During the siege Union forces bombarded Vicksburg. This went on for 6 weeks before 30,000 Confed forces surrender.
Monday, July 1, 1863
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Antietam 1862
Tide of War Turns for South
Surrender 1865
Petersburg & Atlanta 1864

Northern Victory at Antietam, however, Gen. McClellan does not pursue Gen. Lee's battered up Army. This action leads to a series of defeats for the North.

Ambrose Burnside replaces McClellan for being to cautious. Burnside tries to be bold
failure. Burnside leads 120,000 men towards Richmond, VA. Meanwhile Lee has a force of 75,000 men waiting. Union forces loose the battle and 13,000 men due to relentless charges.

7 weeks of fighting results in 55,000 Union and 35,000 Confederate casualties. However, Grant knew that even though he had a high amount of casualties that he would be well supplied unlike Confederate troops.

Grant sieges Petersburg similar to that of Vicksburg, and as this takes place Gen. Sherman makes his approach to Atlanta.

April 2nd Confederate lines are broken by Union troops causing Lee and his troops to retreat to Appomattox.

April 9th, 1865 Lee cut off from further retreat surrenders to Grant, and the Civil War has come to an end. The U.S. is one again and slavery is abolished at the cost of 360,000 Union, 260,000 Confed, and 37,000 African-American casualties.
Decisive Battles To Win The War
Day #2 Union forces are positioned at Cemetery ridge with 85,000 troops vs. 75,000 Confederates troops positioned at Seminary ridge.

Day #3 Lee has given the order for an all out assault on Cemetery ridge, however, Confed forces have a open field about a mile long to cross as Confed. forces are met by Union artillery and rifle fire.
28,000 lose 28,000 men & Union lose 23,000 men over three days.
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