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Managing Diversity at Spencer Owens & Co.

No description

Naif Alawi

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Managing Diversity at Spencer Owens & Co.

Team 1 Case: Managing Diversity
at Spencer Owens & Co.

Utsav Saikia
Naif Alawi
Laura Denton
Stephanie Janeiro
Aimal Ahmadzai
Alicia Orkisz Background Consulting firm established in 1955
Organization goal: Consider hiring on the basis of merit to meet the objective Initial Success 50 % of the 150 managers and professional were female and 30% were people of color
Promotion due to merit basis recruitment and appraisal policies Roadblocks Growing friction
Conflict for the standard practices Spencer Owens and Diversity:
Then and Now What was the leadership's goal for creating a diverse workforce? Leadership's Goals

Unique working environment
Becoming a leader (diversity-wise) in the industry
To right some social wrongs What do these goals imply about the impact diversity can and should have on the organization? Root cause of problems Economic Development Diversity Root Causes What needs to change in this organization? Managing Diversity:
Recognition of the unique contribution every employee can make
Focus on corporate culture and infrastructure Managing Diversity v. Affirmative Action Affirmative Action:
Voluntary and mandatory efforts undertaken by government and private employers
Promotes equal opportunity Manage diversity
Place focus on more dimensions of diversity
Accountability practices
Hold management accountable
Implement administrative procedures.
Development practices
Diversity training
Network groups
Mentor diverse employees for advancement Solutions/Suggestions The leadership believes diversity will:

Not affect performance
Help Spencer Owens live up to their ideas of equality How has that perspective influenced the dynamics within the firm? False Consensus:
Disconnect between the leadership and the company's personnel Diversity is human resource capital which is difficult to imitate

Competitive Advantage:

Diversity of business strategy
Organizational culture
Different perspective Takeaways Impacts Positive Negative Cultural & gender awareness
Sensitivity training
Networking groups Lack of reinforcement
Sensitivity training
Networking groups Root Cause Team 1 Stereotypes
Racial background influence
"Racially motivated view"
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