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percy jackson and

No description

Manuella Souza

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of percy jackson and

Rick Riordan - The author
Richard Russell Riordan, Jr. was born in San Antonio, Texas in June 5, 1964;
He always liked greek and Nordic mythology and used to read fantasy and scientific fiction books;
His parents were teachers and both were involved with art, so he always had influence;

Rick Riordan - Books
Main Characters
Some Informations

- The Lightning Thief is the first book in a series of five called
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
by Rick Riordan, published on June 28, 2005;
- In Brazil, the book was published in 2009, by the publishing house Intrínseca.

Rick Riordan - The author
Rick first thought he wanted to be a guitar player so he went to the North Texas State University, but then he switched to the University of Texas, in Austin;
He used to teach English and History and had always taught mythology before he decided to work only as a writer;
The author was inspired by his son, that had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder;
Rick has already published other books before and after Percy Jackson's series.
Series: Tres Navarre
(7 books) - 1997
Cold Springs (2003)
Series: 39 Clues
(2 books) - 2009
Series: The Kane Chronicles (4 books) - 2010

1) Percy Jackson

Son of Poseidon;
His name is Perseus, but he prefers Percy;
Very friendly, but sarcastic and always willing to risk his life to save his friends;
He has a sword called Riptide (Anaklusmos).

2) Annabeth Chase

Daughter of Athena, Goddess of wisdom, handicrafts and strategy in battle;
She shows great intelligence and reasoning ability;
She has a Yankees cap given by her mother, that makes invisible and a celestial bronze knife that was a gift from Luke.
Main Characters
Main Characters
Main Characters
3) Grover Underwood

Satyr (half-human, half-goat);
He has a flute that he plays doing spells;
He loves nature and hates pollution, and hunters.
Main Characters
5) Chiron

He’s a centaur (half-human, half-horse) and Son of Cronus;
He was the Percy's teacher of history;
He used a magic wheelchair to hide his true identity;
He is the guardian of the campers at Camp Half-Blood.
The Gods of Olympus
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
4) Luke Castellan

Villain of the series, Son of Hermes, the messenger of the Gods;
He hates his father, so he joins Cronus in order to destroy Olympus because he thinks the gods use them;
He has a sword called Backbiter.
The movie
- Premiere: February 12, 2010 (Brazil);
- Director: Chris Columbus;
- Writer: Craig Titley;
Differences between the Book and the Movie
1) Technology

They don't use mobile phones and any other type of technology tracked by satellite.

They use tablets and cellphones with no problem.
Differences between the
Book and the Movie
2) Age

Rick tells us that the characters have about 12 years.

They seem have 16 years.
Differences between the
Book and the Movie

3) Hydra

It only appears on the second book, The Sea of Monsters.

The hydra appears when they are looking for the Persefone's pearls and consists of the Parthenon workers of Athena.

Hydra was born by Typhon and Echidna. It was a terrible monster with nine heads and it spits fire and a toxic acid. When one of the Hydra's heads was decapitated, two more heads grow in its place.
Differences between the
Book and the Movie
4) The theft of the Master Bolt

It was inside the Percy's bag given by Ares.
(Ares caught the Master Bolt and the Hades' Helm with Luke.)

It was inside the shield that Luke gave to Percy.
(Luke had stolen the Master bolt.)
Differences between the
Book and the Movie
5) Riptide (Anaklusmos)

For the pen becomes a sword he has to take off the pen's cap.

For the pen becomes a sword he must click on the button.
- Half-Blood;
- Sally was living with Gabe to disguised Percy’s Smell;
- Camp Half-Blood;
- Son of Poseidon (Power of water);
- Zeus’ Master Bolt was stolen;
- War between Poseidon and Zeus;
- They go to Underworld;

- Hades’ Helm of the Darkness was stolen too;
- They scape and go to Santa Monica Beach;
- Percy and Ares fight;
Percy returns the Helm to Hades and go to NY to the Empire State where Mount Olympus is located;
- Percy has to choose if he goes home or stay in Camp around the year;
- He founds Luke;
- Cronus was planning to start a war to the Olympians;
- Percy goes home.
The master bolt, which packs enough power to make mortal hydrogen bombs look like firecrackers.
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