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Key Geographical Features Of China

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Alegria Iturralde

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Key Geographical Features Of China

Geographical Features Of China
By: Sara Long, Daniela Rodriguez, Ariana Jalil and Alegria Iturralde
China is the world's largest country with over 1.3 billion inhabitants. There are 9.6 million square kilometers and it is located in South East Asia.
Most Famous Mountains In China: Top 4
Yellow Mountain (Mt.Huangshan)It's located in the south part of Anhui province. It's also known as the Mountain Under Heaven. It's altitude is 1,864 meters or 6,116 feet.
Mount Everest
Yellow Mountain
Mount Everest is located in the Tingri County, in Southern Tibet. It is the highest mountain in the world and it's elevation is 8,848 meters. People say that it is part of China because it is part of the people's Republic of China.
China's Size And Population
Mount Taishan (East Great Mountain)
It is located in the Shandong Province and it's elevation is 1,533 meters. It is known for it's majesty, vigor, and worship culture.
Mount Hengshan (South Great Mountain)
It's elevation is 1,300 m and it is located in Hunan Province. It is very famous because of it's great natural scenery and brilliant religious culture, because of this it is now in the UNESCO World Natural list.
Mount Wutai
It is located in Northeast Shanxi Province.It was the first sacred mountain of Budism. There are 47 temples in the mountain. The elevation is 3,058 meters.
Most Important Cities in China
Beijing is the capital city of China. The great wall of China is one hour away from Beijing.
Basic Information About China
It is the largest city in China. It is 6,340 km².

The most common languages spoken in China are Standard Chinese, Mandarin, Yue, Wu, Minbei, Minnan, Xiang, Gan, Hakka dialects, and other languages that are not as important as the ones mentioned above.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong has a unique Chinese-Western way of being. Also because of the movies they have there that tell a bit about Chinese culture, and because of a very famous actor that lives there, Jackie Chan. Something that calls people's attention is the amount of people that live in Hong Kong.
Most Important Lakes And Rivers In China
Two very important rivers go through China. The Yellow River, and the Yangtze (or Yangzi ) River. The Yellow River goes through the North part of China, and the Yangtze River goes through the South part of China.
Countries That Border China
There are 14 countries that border China. They are:
Russia, Mongolia, North Korea, Vietnam, Loas, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikstan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakstan.
Yangtze River
Yellow River
Guangzhou is a very large trade center in Southern China. This city is very famous because it has many history behind it.
Poyang Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in whole China. It is in the North part of the Jiangxi Province. One of the reasons why it's important is because this lake helps control floods.
Poyang Lake
The Great Wall of China
It borders china. It was created in 221 B.C. by emperor Qin to protect his throne and China from invaders. It is 8,851.8 km.
Dongting Lake
The Dongting lake is a large, shallow lake in northeastern Hunan province. It is a flood basin for the Yangtze River. The lake's size depends on the season, because if it is flood season the lake would be big. The lake's area normally is 2,820 km². One of the reasons it's important is because it is where people do Dragon Boat Racing.
We hope you have enjoyed and learned something of our presentation.
Thank you!
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