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on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Slovakia

Customs and Beliefs
A typical Slovak Christmas Eve menu would include oplatky, wine, garlic, honey, dried peas, mushroom soup, and many other dishes. Oplatky is a holy wafer often eaten with honey. Before Christmas, carps are sold on the streets for Christmas Eve dinner. The mothers must clean the house for Baby Jesus. Many households also attend midnight mass.
Merry Christmas in Slovak
" Vesele Vianoce" ( ve-sa-lay vee-a-no-chay) Means Merry Christmas.
Gift Bearer
The gift bearer in Slovakia is Baby Jesus. He brings gifts to the good boys and girls but leaves nothing for the bad. After Christmas dinner, the children leave the room as Baby Jesus brings the gifts. When the bell is rung, the children race back into the room try to see baby Jesus. They always miss by a little though!
Map of Slovakia
Slovakia is in Europe. The bordering countries of Slovakia are Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Austria.
The Christmas Tree
The Christmas tree is decorated with colored lights, fruits, straw ornaments, and baked goods. The trees are kept until January 6th, the Feast of the Three Kings.
Dates and Names of Celebrations
St. Nikolas Day (in Slovak "St. Mikolas" Day )is celebrated on December 6th. Children leave their shoes out the night before and in the morning they find them filled with treats. Christmas Eve (Stedry Den) is called " The Generous Day" and is celebrated on December 24th. Christmas day, December 25th is started with midnight mass . The Christmas season, is called "Vianoce" is is celebrated from December 1st to The Feast of the Three Kings.
by Noelle Massa

Kolacky (co-loch-key) is a fruit filled cookie that is eaten at celebrations.
Christmas Carol
Svatna Noc (s-vat-nuh nou-ts) Silent Night
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Lilian Zajac, my Grandma.
visited December 15, 2013

My traditions
I go to my grandma's house for
Christmas Eve, and there I have
a special dinner with oplatky. We
all go to look at Christmas lights
on the houses in the neighborhood and when we get back, there are presents under the tree! After we open them, we have traditional desserts and a birthday cake for Jesus.
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