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Emergency Supply Organizer for EMERGENCIES

When life gives you lemons, you can always count on the emergency supply organizer! Equipped with all of the newest safety technologies allowing you to live in your car in -30 degree weather for a month!

Zach Mohr

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Emergency Supply Organizer for EMERGENCIES

EMERGENCY SUPPLY ORGANIZER! Uses: In emergency road/side situations the emergency supply organizer is used for safety. it will hold such items as a blanket, a flare, water, tire iron, a mini-carjack, and matches/fire creating device, and a emergency cell phone. (fireplace not included) Constraints: The emergency supply organizer is 14 inches wide, 10 inches high and 12 inches deep.........(That's what she said) This #1 pick for safety by the United States for Safety Rights, USSR, has a minimum of 6 different parts once it is assembled This low cost organizer is made of the finest Aluminum, very strong and very light. As well as many winter situation that the emergency supply organizer can help with, it is also equipped with jumper cables if your battery dies in the middle of the iraqi desert you could get your car jumped, don't trust the locals though.... Created by Zachary Mohr & Alexander Avestini :) Although, this is not an exact replica of what our emergency organizer looks like, but you get the idea....well maybe not Kirsch. <3 Why is ours better you all may ask and you may ask away...but we will give you answers that will blow you away. Ours is better because: Simple and solid, cheap, alot of room and everyone should have one. Another emergency supply organizer...lame.
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