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Model-Driven Paedigree (MD-Paedigree)

MD-Paedigree Kickoff Meeting at OPBG - Rome, Italy

David Manset

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Model-Driven Paedigree (MD-Paedigree)

Model as a S rvice (MaaS) Service Oriented Knowledg Utility (SOKU) Science Gateways Dr. David MANSET
CEO e Access to integrated infrastructures
Offer a set of commodity services, tools and data
Deliver accompanying support services

Decouple developments from evolving ICT
Loose coupling of applications and services
Abstraction from e-infrastructures complexity
Extensibility to new applications and data

Synergize community developments
Sustainable future for VRC communities Objective Sim-e-Child Gateway for Biomedical Research Simulation and Collaboration Platform Spring 2012, in the News... Science Gateways The ERA and Beyond FPx Project Consortia
ESFRIs Initiatives
Research Groups
Researchers Grid-based Biomedical and many others http://prezi.com/pbk61lij8f27 More information: GLOBIOS Facilitate
Structure Model-Driven European
Paediatric Digital Repository As a foundational architectural style
Extensible, loosely coupled
Service Oriented Knowledge Utility (SOKU)
Semantic enabled SOA

Model the entire design process and consequentially Higher Order Transformations (HOT)
Workflow modeling language and transactional execution engine
Customize and personalize models to patients thanks to model transformations
Orchestrate architectural compositions, opening broad avenue to new VPH models Deliver Models as a Service (MaaS) Where models materialize as Service Oriented Knowledge Utilities (SOKU)
Seed and make models available on-demand over the Cloud infrastructure middleware The birth of a complex ecosystem... Health-e-Child MD-Paedigree Kickoff Meeting
Rome, Italy http://www.gnubila.com/ Develop an interoperable Science Gateway Kernel Model-Driven Engineering for VPH http://prezi.com/f5eo2seml23m http://sec-portal.maatg.fr/ http://www.eu-decide.eu/ http://www.creatis.insa-lyon.fr/vip/ http://e-ginseng.org/ http://sec-portal.maatg.fr/ http://www.egi.eu/ http://www.cern.ch/ http://www.health-e-child.org/ Model-Driven VPH http://www.gnubila.fr From Sim-e-Child to PCDR and MD-Paedigree http://pcdr.gnubila.fr
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