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Annual Ministry Cycle

No description

Ben Creasman

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of Annual Ministry Cycle

Annual Ministry Cycle
Engage in the Process
Have a plan for and use the summer project well
Stay connected to students not on project
Work on support
Recruit to return training
Summer staff training
Cultivate Staff Team connections
Develop overlapping ministry; not just your people
Evaluation & Planning
Evaluate the year both personally and as a campus
Develop Clear Takeaways from the year
Walk thru all Planning Phases
Set next date for team to connect over campus plan
Gather and organize student leadership
Meet as a staff team daily
Keep up with new contacts
Reconnect with contacts from last year
Host a launch event to gather people
Building Breadth Thru Depth
Follow Up Contact List
Begin bible studies, community groups and discipleship groups
Share the Gospe one on one
Begin networking through you new key connections
End phase with DTRC's
Build Momentum
Celebrate wins constantly in the micro and macro
Heavy Recruitment to conference
Have DTRC with all students connected the ministry
Continue to share the gospel one on one
Promo conference at every single event
Evalution and Planning
Meet as many people as you can and retain connection through follow up.
Primary Goal:
Primary Goal:
Solidify new key connections by building depth in relationships and network through them.
Primary Goal:
Gather people to build momentum towards the conference.
Primary Goal:
Thoroughly evaluate the semester and establish clear adjustments for the next semester.
Evaluate the semester both personally and as a campus
Develop Clear Takeaways from the semester
Walk thru all Planning Phases for next semester
Set next date for team to connect over campus plan
Have a clear plan for conference
Primary Goal:
To utilize momentum from conference and new semester to recast the nets.
Gather students involved in ministry and network through them
Reconnect with students who did not go to the conference
Host an event to reconnect on a broad level and harness momentum
Start bible studies, community groups, and discipleship groups
Gather In
Primary Goal:
To gather students involved to build a community that will cultivate momentum towards the summer project.
Focus time and energy towards connecting students to one another
Recruit Summer Project Leadership
Recruit to the Winter Ski Retreat
Begin major summer project recruitment
Summer Prep
Primary Goal:
Finish strong in LP recruitment and maintain connections with non-project students.
Get students to commit to LP
Finish well in all relationships, having DTRC's with students formally connected to you
Develop a clear plan for staying connected to non-project students throughout the summer
Begin working on LP related responsibilities
Primary Goal:
Thoroughly evaluate the year and develop a clear plan for the next year.
Vacation and Support
Primary Goal:
If support is in a healthy position, take a vacation and rest up for the LP.
Work on support if needed
Take a vacation
Rest and refuel for the LP both physically and spiritually
Maintain a healthy staff team connection
Primary Goal:
Do not coast! Use the summer project well and seek to overlap in ministry with other staff.
Major Fall Event
Create an event to help build a step towards the ministry; this should make the step towards conference more realistic

Men's/Women's Retreat
Think for how to use the conference and leverage it towards building the campus movement. This is not just a random event.
Winter Ski Retreat
This is our main tool to build momentum and recruit towards the leadership project.
The Leadership Project
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