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Meet the Teacher Night

Intro to 8th Grade Science and meet the teacher

Jessie Wangerin

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Meet the Teacher Night

Please Take a Handout
Welcome to 8th Grade Science!
Inquiry based
Individual, small group, and class activities
Technology Integrated
This year in Science
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
Organisms: Macro to Micro
Energy, Machines, and Motion
Properties of Matter
Meet the Teacher
Jessica Leahy (Wangerin)
(414)963-6800 ext.4012
B.S. Environmental Science- University of Minnesota
Worked in an agronomy/soil science lab, then helped manage 81 greenhouses for wholesale nursery
Masters in Education from MAT program at Cardinal Stritch
25% Application
25% Communication
25% Facts & Vocabulary
0% Other – No count – homework

Retakes available on request –
(from the student)
includes a meeting
Frequently Asked Questions
Unit Final Exams
Reading done primarily at home
Increased pace of curriculum
Critical thinking skill emphasis- conclusions
High School Transition
Information sent home in February
Placement tests in February
A look at the whole child and multiple
data points
In the end it is a recommendation
Roller Coaster Project
Thank you ed fund for the generous grant that makes this project possible!
Bring Your Own Device
Note taking
Informal quizzes/check ins
Accessing the book and packet
Camera and editing abilities

Anticipated Uses
7th and 8th grade science
21st Century Learning Skills
Ongoing learning process
Handout with acceptable use, specifications, recommended devices, and permission slip
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