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Pre-European New Zealand

No description

Bobbie Warn

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Pre-European New Zealand

Early Maori ancestors were Polynesian people that have been traced back to CHINA HAWAII SOUTH AMERICA SAMOA The exact date of the arrival of the Maori is unknown,
but it is thought to be between 950 – 1130AD
Settlers established tribes around the East Coast of New Zealand, which had a warmer environment. They were the first to introduce rats and dogs into New Zealand.
New Zealand was home to many flightless birds,
including the Moa and Kiwi The Moa was hunted for food and is now extinct.
The early way of life for Maori was much different than the way we now live...
Maori used bones to hunt and build huts. There technology was very limited, there was no roads, power or schools; Children were taught about their culture and environment from their elders.
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