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Operating Within The NCSA

No description

Savannah Ahrens

on 27 June 2017

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Transcript of Operating Within The NCSA

Operating Within the NCSA
Post Season / Off Season
Fundraising / Budgeting
Ordering Equipment
Be sure to figure out what equipment you need to order that is necessary for the upcoming season or semester. Submit your request to your club sports director as soon as possible so they can tell you what you can and cannot have and what you will need to fund raise for throughout the season.
Advertising / Promoting
Put together a team Newsletter
Team Newsletters are a great way to reach your friends, family and possible sponsors so that they can follow the progress your club has made over the past semester or season. It is also a great way to reach out for donations among alumni as well as other possible donors like old coaches, teammates etc.
Team Organization
Plan Tryouts for Early in the Semester
To not fall behind when the new season or semester starts up again, make sure that you hold tryouts as early as possible. This will be a great way to get a lot of practices in before conference game play as well as being able to add new players to the roster as soon as possible.
Coming Up...
Sponsors and Partners of the NCSA
Stay in Contact with Your Team:
It is really important to keep open lines of communication with the players of your club. Especially over long breaks in between semesters - this will also help with setting up tryouts and practices early on in the semester once the season starts again.
Off the Diamond
Operating Within The NCSA
Post Season/ Off Season (Part 3 of 3)
Helpful tips and advice to assist you in moving from one season/semester to the next
Get in Touch with you Club Sports Director
Make sure to touch base with your Club Director/ Coordinator/ Advisor and see if they have any items on the to do list for your club. Any kind of paperwork/ documentation or other necessary items may need to be handled over these stretches of time off.
Touch base with your Regional Director
Although it may be off season for you, there may be tasks that need to be taken care of in terms of the league itself. Reach out to your regional director and see if there are any items on the agenda that you can do in this off period.
Fundraising Game Plan Set and Ready to Go
Make sure that you have an idea of what type of budget you are working with when it comes to your club that way you can prepare a game plan when it comes to fundraising for that season/semester. It is always smart to over budget than come up short towards the end of the year.
Renewing Field Space / Contracts
If you use a field that is not one on your college campus and you have a rental contract with them. It may be a good time to renew any contracts, additional insured policies or secure time so that you have the space ready to go once you start back up again.
Set up Social Media Accounts for your Club Program
As we all know social media is a fantastic outlet these days to promote and advertise to a wide audience. If you create accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and a Team Website you can advertise to a variety of people and reconnect with former players. By using these platforms you can promote any fundraising initiatives you are running, let people know of any changes in practice or game schedule or simply keep your fans updated on news within your club!
Make a Game Plan for Promotion
Figure out a way to promote the club and make girls aware of tryouts (especially girls who may have been cut from the varisty program in the previous season/semester). Create posters and flyers for campus advertising as well as posting those images to your social media accounts and team website.
Practice as Much as Possible
With girls having different schedules, it is hard to get every single player to every practice. Holding practices regularly will help keep everyone on the same page and assist with forming team chemistry on the field.
Plan Ahead for Tournament Play
Make sure you are aware of any and all tournaments available to you through the league, plan ahead and budget accordingly to attend them. Tournaments are a great way for teams to see how they measure up with other clubs as well as form stronger relationships with your team members.
Team Bonding Events
It is really important to have team outings and experiences outside of practice, games and road trips. Holding team dinners, going to support another club team together and just participating in other activities as a team besides your own schedule is really significant to team chemistry. Girls are more likely to stay on a team and be willing to put money into a club that they feel gives them more than just the opportunity to play the game of softball.
Stay Active in the Community
In addition to team bonding experiences, staying active within the community that you play in and represent is a great way to give back. Having your club participate in charity work around the area is a win win for everyone involved.
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