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Going Global: A discovery of Wold Cultures

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Simone Carnegie-Diaz

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Going Global: A discovery of Wold Cultures

Going Global: A discovery of World Cultures
Upward Bound


A Discovery of World Cultures
While the culture in San Antonio is rich and beautiful, the world has over 7 billion cultures to explore!
Exposure to a multitude of cultures helps students become more aware of global events and global dynamics.
Students who have experienced cultural diversity are more likely to adapt well to college.
Understanding cultures gives people insight on how to interact well with potential friends, roommates and employers.
Being culturally competent helps people become more respectful and appreciative of varying points of view and beliefs.
September: Global Citizenship
Global citizenship is an umbrella term for the social, political, environmental, or economic actions of globally-minded individuals and communities on a worldwide scale. The term refers to the belief that individuals are interconnected with other across the globe. In September, we will learn how truly connected we are with countries and other different from ourselves.
November: East Indian Culture
December: International Service
October: Immigration
Serving others can extend beyond the borders of our communities, states, and nations. Global citizenship means there is a shared responsibility to all those in need throughout the world. In December, we will have the opportunity to be of service to immigrant communities here in San Antonio. Here is an example of an organization that who engages in global volunteerism.
There are many cultural celebrations from East India that many might not understand, but all are vibrant and meaningful to those who practice them.
In November, we will observe a celebration, Diwali, the festival of lights. This video is of Holi (whole-lee) a celebration of color practiced by most Hindus.

Today's schedule
Upward Bound Ambassadors!
Upward Bound staff is selecting 10 returning students to serve as student ambassadors.

Who are ambassadors? Role models for all a UB student should be: dedicated, mature, reliable and responsible.

What will they do? Assist advisers by contacting UB peers, serve as hosts and speakers at UB meetings and events.

How can I apply? Applications will be available at lunch today and are due on
September 7th.
The Upward Bound advisers visit the schools the week of
September 3rd
to get started on your plan for the academic year!
I sent you 25 passes....where have you been?!
Uumm..The restroom...
9:30-1:00: PLAN
(Pre-ACT) Testing
in Chapman
1:00-2:00: Lunch
@ Mabee
9:30-12:00: College Applications Storch 110
12:00-1:00: Lunch

Did you know that immigration extends far beyond the issues affecting US-Mexico border? From all countries, people leave their homes for the hope of a better future. In October, we will learn about the wide range of immigration issues including the case of refugees.
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