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Copy of Academy: Prezi Workflow in 15 minutes

How to use Prezi - Interface and workflow

Lyndsay Frank

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Academy: Prezi Workflow in 15 minutes

Thank you! I would like to show you why I should be the next Governor of Pennsylvania my name is Tom Corbett. Hi, Who is Tom? -Committed to rooting out corruption
-Committed to reducing waste and abuse
-Committed to moving Harrisburg back in the right direction Vote for me for Governor of Pennsylvania! For Governor Election 2010 Snapshot: Tom Corbett has already received many endorsements from top Government officials and associations "Tom is a slam dunk to be the Republican nominee and frankly at this stage probably the favorite to become the next Governor," Gov. Rendell, March 23, 2010,The Rachel Maddow show 1. 3. Economy & Jobs -PA is home to the second largest energy field in the world
-Proposes Marcellus Shale minining without new taxes 2.
"We need to cut the taxes on business. Business is the engine that creates jobs. Any government job is paid for by taxpayers, other jobs are paid for by business, and that’s what we need to increase.” Tom Corbett Energy & Environment Government Reform Endorsements You can use shapes, arrows too Why Tom is the guy Born and raised in Pennsylvania
Bachelor's degree from Lebanon Valley College
JD from St. Mary's University Law School
Married, Susan with two children, Tom and Katherine

Attorney, Thomas Corbett and Associates, 1997-2004
Assistant United States Attorney, Western Pennsylvania, 1989
Member of Pennsylvania Army National Guard, 28th Infantry Division 1971-1984
Assistant District Attorney, Allegheny County
Assistant United States Attorney, Western Pennsylvania
Teacher, Pine Grove Area High School
-Expand Pennsylvania’s Economy Through Innovation
-Reform Pennsylvania’s Job Climate
-Develop a World-Class Workforce
-Grow Small Business
"If we do it right," Corbett said. "And we have to do it right. We can't miss this opportunity," Tom Corbett According to an April 8 Quinnipiac University poll, Tom Corbett has a commanding lead for the race for Governor.
Leads Allegheney County Executive Dan Onorato 48% to 29%
Leads Auditor General Jack Wagner 43% to 30%
Leads Rep. Joe Hoeffel 50% to 28%
Leads Sen. Anthony Williams 45% to 27% (Quinnipiac did not include Sen. WIlliams in the April 8 poll. Data is from a recent Public Policy Polling survey *No data in either poll referencing Rep. Sam Rorher Charles Horvat, Jr.
Deborah Irwin
Susan Scherff
Kim Ward
R. Douglas Weimer
Lois Wolf-Geer
Chris Reed
Jack Parry
Dave Shaw
Susan Shea
Patrick Stanton
Marilyn Vaccarello
Donald Ely
Perry Stambaugh
Emily Ulrich
Charles Breene
Becky Hedglin
Ash Khare
Gerry Geer
Susan Zug
Dave Huffman
Krista Rogers
Carol Sides
Renee Amoore
Deirdre Barnes
Nancy Becker
Donna Custer
William Donnelly
Robert Griffith
Louis J. Guerra
Vahan Gureghian
Stephen M. Hladik
Doug Hager
Pam Levy
Mary McMonagle
Trudy Mann
David Michelbacher
Peter Seltzer
Marise Stillman
Leslie Grey
Ann Grunewald
David Rothrock
Verel Salmon
Sheila Sterrett
Timothy Wachter
Donald Wilson
Richard Flannery
Helen Jackson
Tom Hawk
W. Lawrence Hess
Virginia Ulrich
Mary "Mimi" Auchincloss
Patricia Biswanger
Christine Fizzano Cannon
William H. Clinger, III
Rosezanna Czwalina
Donna Davis
Louis Fiorito
Florence Fisher
Lilian H. Griffin
David Hackett
Frank Kelly
William C. Kelly
John P. McBlain
James McGarrity
Majorie L. Pendergast
Nicole Waltman
Jane Wenda
Anthony Moscato
Karen Deiner Best
David Buell
Dennis Lebo
Tammy Shearer
Dick Stewart
Glenda Farner-Strasbaugh
Janis E. Creason
Jeffrey B. Engle
Esmeralda Hetrick
Graham S. Hetrick
Robert McCloskey
Joe DiGirolamo
Mary Ann Groninger
Fred Gudknecht
Judy Guise
George F. Komelasky
James H. McCullen, Jr.
Tom Panzer
Guy Polhemus
Patricia K. Poprik
Theresa Savage
Joseph J. Volk
Geneva McKee
Ellen Melrose
Maxine Niehoff
Keith Nowalk
Lou Nudi
Danielle Ohliger
Herb Ohliger
David Rice
Laurie Saxon
Karen Shaheen
Eileen Watt
Joe Weinroth
Gary Young
Maryann Barnes
Heather Cevasco
Personal Professional Attorney General, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1995-1997, 2005-present
Child Predator Unit
Elder Abuse Unit
Public Corruption Unit
Continued commitment to fight war on illegal drugs and gangs
John A. Bonya (Indiana)
Craig Ebersole (Lancaster)
William Schafer (Lawrence)
Faith M. Bender (Lebanon)
Jeff Stroehmann (Lycoming)
Elizabeth Kremer (Northumberland)
William Benner III (Perry)
Bruce Hottle (Somerset)
Martha Breene (Venango)
Thomas Uram (Washington)
George Dunbar (Westmoreland)
Elaine Gowaty (Vice Chair - Westmoreland)
Jim Roddey (Allegheny)
Michael Baker (Armstrong)
Martin H. Matthews (Beaver)
F. Arthur Rauschenberger, III (Butler)
Glen Fiebig (Cameron)
Victor Stabile (Cumberland)
John McNally III (Dauphin)
Brad Moore (Erie)
Dee John (Fayette)
Richard Yeager (Greene)
Lou Barletta (Mayor of Hazleton, PA) Craig Stedman, District Attorney
Mifflin County
Stephen S. Snook, District Attorney
Westmoreland County
Bryan L. Kline, Clerk of Courts
Chester County
Alan Randzin, Treasurer
Lancaster County
Craig Ebersole, Treasurer
Mary Ann Gerber, Register of Wills
Lancaster County Commissioner Dennis P. Stuckey
Lehigh County Commissioner Dean N. Browning
Snyder County Commissioner Joseph E. Kantz
Tioga County Commissioner Mark L. Hamilton
Union County Commissioner Preston Boop
Wayne County Commissioner Brian W. Smith
Cumberland County Commissioner Barbara B. Cross
Erie County Councilman/Commissioner David E. Mitchell
Forest County Commissioner Basil D. Huffman
Lancaster County Commissioner Scott Martin
Bucks County Commissioner James F. Cawley
Bucks County Commissioner Charles H. Martin
Butler County Commissioner Dale Pinkerton
Allegheny County Councilman Vince Gastgeb
Allegheny County Councilwoman Jan Rea
Beaver County Commissioner Charles A. Camp
Tom Ridge
Dick Thornburgh
Mark Schweiker
Rick Santorum
Bob Walker
William F. Clinger
The Republican Party of Pennsylvania @AKGold11 Tom Corbett is making me wonder if I should reregister as an R. Dude gets workforce. @CawleyforLG Just leaving PLC. Tom Corbett gave an excellent speech on reform and the future of PA Tom Corbett Corbett has proven he cares about cleaning up Government He cares about us little guys Pledge to oppose and veto any state tax increase Americans for Tax Reform Pledge
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