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Chinese Food

No description

Anita Ren

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Chinese Food

Chinese Food!! Q1: Describle the table manner of China The best or fine food served first to the senior members of the family has been observed for countless generations. Guests should introduce themselves to the host when arrival. This is important since it is the host who determines the seating arrangement, and in order to do this , the host needs to know whom among the invited guests actually arrived. A Chinese meal usually means you will be served a bowl of white rice with a pair of chopsticks and a spoon, but if you are not comfortable in using chopsticks, you may request for a fork and spoon and a plate for that matter.
Q2: How food is served? Everything is to be shared, except your own bowl of rice and individual bowl of soup (served from a large bowl in the middle). The dishes are placed in the middle of the round table and to be eaten with rice. You will also be served a cup of Chinese tea which you don't have to drink if you don't want to. You may request for water or a soft drink instead. =-=

Q3: why do you think so many different foods are provided at one meal? Chinese people like so many different dishes because they like to share food with their families and friends. Q4: why has congee been an important part of the Chinese diet? Congee has been an important part of Chinese diet because chinese people believe that congee is good for the stomach Q5: why do people in the north eat noddles and dumplings instead of rice? They eat noodles and dumplings instead of rice because noodles and dumplings are staple diet of the northern Chinese people
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