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Major causes of the Civil War

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Matthew Martin

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Major causes of the Civil War

All of these events combined led up the start of the civil war which was started in 1861 by the attack on Fort Sumter.
Major causes of the Civil War
From 1850 to 1861 there were many disagreements about many issues in America at the time.
The compromise of 1850

The compromise of 1850 was a series of 5 laws that helped the north and the south on the issue of slavery. One of theses was the fugitive slave law. The fugitive slave law allowed for run away slaves to be captured and taken back to their owner.
Kansas-Nebraska Act
The Kansas-Nebraska act passed by congress organized the rest of the land from the Louisiana purchase. Each territory was left to decided on its own if it was a free state or a slave state. Supporters from both the north and the south were there and it soon became a battle ground which is now know as "Bleeding Kansas."
Dred Scott Decision
Dred scott was a slave that went to his owner and claimed he was free. He ended up suing his owner John Emerson, alleging physical abuse. In federal court he was ruled as a citizen, but in supreme court he was not. Chief justice Roger Taney said that African Americans could never become citizen and the Missouri comprise is unconstitutional.
Harper's ferry
John Brown was a abolitionist who lead to a slave uprising. He thought that he could start a armed uprising to free the slaves from bondage. John Brown knew that tons of weapons were stored in Harper's ferry. Brown and a group of his men planned a raid on Harper's ferry. After they seized the weapons they were quickly surrounded and captured
South Carolina secedes
South Carolina was the first state to leave the union. Lincoln and many others were surprised that they left the union. They were led by Jefferson Davis.
The President of the Confederation was Jefferson Davis from Mississippi. The Confederation had its own set of laws called the Confederate Constitution. 11 states ended up seceding to join the confederacy
Southern States form the confederation
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