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Enterprise Environment BM

No description

Brian Monaghan

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Enterprise Environment BM

Jennifer Fay
Yung Chian Teo
Abdulmohsin Al Abdulmohsin
TJ Forde
Craig Sheriff
Brian Monaghan

• Contract manufacturing
• Branded Oral Cares products
-Toothpastes – whitening, sensitive, stain removal, enamel protection
-Mouthwash – alcohol and non-alcohol

• Manufacturing using Swiss technology
ÿ Europharma Concepts Ltd set up in Clara Offaly in 2007 and specialise in Consulting, R&D, Manufacturing, Packaging, Quality Development and Production

ÿ Provides contract manufacturing solutions to meet company’s requirements in Oral Care Industry

ÿ Meets customer requirements in terms of Oral Care Products to deliver a complete service from product concept, development to trial production and manufacturing

ÿ Industry Leader in development and manufacturing of Oral Care Products

About EPC
CEO of Europharma Concepts Declan Lenahan began working on a medical device product in Australia
Company’s founder wanted to sell product in UK but Declan wanted to manufacture in Ireland
EPC had contract before setting up with GlaxoSmithKline PLC
Global Healthcare Company

Why EPC Set Up
Key People Involved
Services provided
Oral Care History
Porters Five Forces

High Bargaining Power
Low switching costs
Large range of products

High bargaining power
Materials are widely available
Relatively low switching cost

Low threat of substitute products or services
Specialised market
Threat will come from within the industry

Relatively low threat of new entrants
High entrance costs
Barriers to entry – Patents

Bargaining Power of Buyers
Bargaining Power of Suppliers
Threat of Substitute Products or Services

High levels of rivalry
Large number of multinational companies
Led to intense price competition

Rivalry/Existing Competitors
Threat of New Entrants
Key Success factors
employees within EPC are diverse.

quality system at EPC
EPC manufactures for a range of international customers
products are custom developed

in excess of 82 formulations
toothpaste that is Black in colour
natural Enzymes
saliva replacement mouthwash, gel and toothpaste

Companies should not be afraid of their competition, but rather use them as a learning tool
have gained invaluable knowledge
make the best toothpaste in the world

science orientated company
the life science exporters of the year award

Survival of the fittest
Competitive Advantage
Global Trends
Take Chances

• From the beginning
• Helped EPC gain new networks (Apoteket AB)
• The IDA

Change in Government/EU policy
Support of Government Policy
Dental hygiene evolved since 3500Bc.
The first toothbrush was invented by Egyptians.
Chinese developed new design toothbrush.
Muslims and Arabs use a stick as toothbrush (Miswak).
Romanians used their urine.
Dental floss was Created by levi Spear Parmly ( 1790 to 1859).
1893 The first antiseptic mouthwash
1937 the nylon toothbrush was invented by Dr. west
19th century toothbrushes were designed to keep teeth clean and healthy.

The Team
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