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Pieces to the Puzzle

No description

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Pieces to the Puzzle

Pieces to the Puzzle
Nashville: Greg, Thomas, Rachael, Kayla, Sarah, Alesha, Julie, Caroline H., Carolina, Kyle, Bobbi, Ronna, Emily, Madeline, Albert
Birthday Month
September: : Mary , Allie , Julie , Treazure , Felicia , Elizabeth, Madeline, Jeannie
Favorite Sport
Basketball: Greg, Thomas, Rachael, Devin, Treazure, Caroline, Felicia
February: Thomas F., Kayla, Jadon , Sarah
Combined Birthday Celebration
Turn Up!
August: Carolina A., Nathan, Douglass , Jessica
Football: Ashley, Jadon, Julie, Douglass, Auston, Alex
Soccer: Walter, Alvin, Jadon, Auston, Thomas W., Emily
Volleyball: Alesha, Mary, Emily, Allie
Intramural or Club Sports
Undecided: Walter, Greg, Thomas, Felicia, Auston, Emily, Albert
Nursing: Ashley, Jadon, Kennedy, Emily, Thomas W.
Memphis: Walter, Treazure, Caroline, Felicia, Alex
April: Ashley, Rachael, Bobbi, Crissy, Thomas W.
May: Walter, Alvin, Erin, Caroline
Art Education: Sarah, Alesha, Jessica, Jeannie
Elementary Education: Julie, Caroline, Elizabeth
Study Groups
Undecided majors can take a career test in the Student Development Center.
Favorite Candy
Sourpatch Kids: Thomas F. Emily, Allie, Carolina, Kyle, Elizabeth, Jessica, Jeannie
Kit Kat: Kayla, Julie, Treazure, Douglass, Crissy
Reeses: Greg, Sarah, Julie, Bobbi
Chocolate: Nicki, Ashley, Felicia, Madeline
Favorite Color
Blue: Walter, Thomas F., Alvin, Devin, Carolina, Bobbi, Angelica, Auston, Alex, Thomas W., Joel
Green: Greg, Sarah, Emily, Erin, Allie, Douglass, Angelica, Crissy, Madeline, Jeannie, Albert
Red: Treazure, Caroline H., Nathan, Kyle, Ronna, Alvin
Purple: Rachael, Jadon, Julie, Caroline W., Feicia, Elizabeth, Emily, Jessica
Pink: Nicki, Ashley, Kennedy, Treazure
Black: Alesha, Ashley, Caroline H. Kyle
Pieces: Although each resident is unique, he/she contains pieces of his/her life that can relate or be connected to someone else.
Puzzle: All of the different pieces connect to make one picture.
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