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Home and Poland

No description

thames thames

on 25 October 2015

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Transcript of Home and Poland

My half term break: home and Poland
Swimming competition
on Saturday 17 October
This was a swimming meet for schools in the 12th district for students born in 2005-2006.
Britannica team won the second place in the 10x25 m relay.
From Thames Julia, Izabella, Fabio, Angus and I were at the swimming competition.
You can find Krakow in Poland.
I spent my holiday there.
Aviation museum
There are many interesting things :
old jets, planes, missile launchers, locators, tanks and helicopters
Inside there were some exciting exhibition.For example: I could see my bones with an x-ray equipment.
And I could make a thermo picture of myself.
At this museum you can find the helicopter of John Paul II. Pope.
Wieliczka salt mine
There are magnificent chambers made out of rock salt.
It is one of the largest tourist attractions in Poland, registered on the UNESCO list.
You can try out how hard was the miners work.
Mirror labyrinth and the 7D cinema
7D: Wind blowing, chair moving, smell, rain water, mouse etc.
There were lots of information about jets.For example we could see a jet engine.
Interesting places in Krakow
The Old Town
Wawel Hill
The Royal Castle and the Cathedral
Planty Park
Main Market Square
In this age it was hard for the attackers to beat the defenders. :)
I will show you now how scary it is to jump out from a jet. :)
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