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Intermediate Photography Day 1

No description

Tiffany Rottnek

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of Intermediate Photography Day 1

Intermediate Photography
Class Expectations
Optional Homework - get the most out of this class!
1 picture printed each week with meta data listed
Look up 1 photographer/photo each week that appeals to you - look up their settings
Bring your camera each week for shooting time!
Join at least 1 photo competition - Shoot with purpose!
Getting to Know you!
Fill out the index card
Make/Model of Camera
Top 3 things you want to learn in this class
Camera clubs that you are in
"The Knobs"
An in-depth tour of your camera auto & non-auto functions

A look at the rest of the buttons not often used!
Day 1 Topics
Class expectations
Getting to know you
"The Knobs" - In-Depth! - (Basics Re-Visited)
Photography Historical Fun Fact of the Day
The Photographer's tip of the day!
Shooting time!
Photography Fun Trick of the Day!
Children & Fast Action Photography!
High shutter, "Panning", flash & a Smartphone
Up that shutter, to capture every move! If your camera is blurring, put it on manual and adjust the shutter speed! Use auto mode as a light sensor!
Utilize the "panning" trick by following the subject for a while before you shoot. The camera will be able to catch up!
If you're dealing with toddlers or younger kids, mount a smartphone to your camera, or have someone hold it in the direction you want the kid to look!

**************TIME TO PRACTICE !!! SHOOT TIME!!!****************


"CA" - Creative Auto
Allows you to change the brightness
More possibilities!
Phenomenal "auto modes"

PRE-SHOOT TIME!!! Become comfortable shooting with people!
Historical Fun Fact!
The Camera Obscura
Get involved with the community!
Yearly Local Competitions!
Next week - CONQUERING the exposure Triangle! With flash & reflectors!
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