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Knowledge Sharing & Information Networks

Prezi to discuss using Twitter to share ideas within the QA group

Nick Grantham

on 16 November 2011

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Transcript of Knowledge Sharing & Information Networks

Community Twitter is an opt-out conversational network
EVERYTHING you say on Twitter is public (messages & metadata)
It is NOT for sharing internal HMH information Twitter is a real-time information network
Twitter is NOT "what you are doing"
Twitter IS "what you are interested in"
Find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the conversations What is it? How can it benefit us? Privacy Knowledge Sharing
Networks Chance favours the connected mind Why? News and sources
Thought leaders
Brands and products
Anyone/thing of interest What Next? Following What? It is HUGE! Join The Conversation @ngrantham Give it a try...
Persist with it
Get involved in your areas interest (QA, News, Sport, Tech, Education)
Contribute to communities
Form a HMH QA community
Share our knowledge with others Many micro-blogging and information networks
Big difference is the size and reach of the communities
Large community - more knowledge shared - broader interests of the community QA
Dublin Knitting www.twitter.com http://gigatweeter.com/ http://twitter.com/ibmrational/agile/members http://twitter.com/BizZoomer/leaders-in-testing/members http://twitter.com/TheDKC/followers You don't have to tweet to be involved
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