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The Beautiful Horse

No description


on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of The Beautiful Horse


by: D. Paul Dizon
One day there was a beautiful horse that the father brought home in the barrio of Pulong-Masle. The horse had a long, slender legs, silky mane, and a flowing rail.
Rising Action:
When the people of Pulong- Masle thought that the father stole the horse.

When the father was suddenly like a stranger to the family.
Man Vs. Man
Because of what the father did to his Family. The mother had a quarrel to father Estong.
When the mother and father Estong had a quarrel because father Estong wants them to believe that the beautiful horse is cousin Barang.
Turning Point:
Falling Point:
Resolution and Conclusion:
- Dynamic ( kind of character)
- a good father who turns out into a stranger.
- Dynamic ( kind of character)
- Dynamic ( kind of character)
- Flat ( kind of character)
" Nothing is lost if you believe, as long as you do not have a bad intention."
Point of View:
First Person
(point of view)
The narrator tells the experience he had when they had the beautiful horse.
When Marcos and Victa believe and accept that the beautiful horse is their Aunt Barang, by looking into the eyes of the horse.
When there are two men who came to their house and claim that the beautiful horse is their Minda Mora.
It is the time that father Estong said " I did not know that Barang will turn to a circus lady".
- a good son who change because of the beautiful horse brought by his father.
- at first she was angry with her father, but at the end she believes their father.
- she did not believe what father Estong talks about the beautiful horse.
Pulong Masle
- the barrio where the family lives.
- where Marcos, Victa and their Mother eats supper.
In the backyard
- where father Estong, Marcos and Victa stays to watch the beautiful horse.
- the horse has a features like strong, beautiful and brave. Even though the family had a conflict they should still show that kind of features.
- it symbolize as a whole personality of a person that somehow familiar to us.
D. Paul Dizon
Paulo Dizon was born in Santa Rita, Pampanga in 1915. A filipino short story writer and a poet. D. Paul Dizon wrote in english. His stories have been included in a number of anthologies of the best of Philippine Literature.
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