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English mu


Juan Casttizo

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of English mu

A Clock Work Orange A Movie How The Goverment Can Do Whatever They Want To Do To You Run Any Kind Of Exparments On You No One Dose Anything About It. The Defention Of A Dystopian Society Varies...More Or Less The Defanition Means That The Goverment Runs Everything You Do And You Live In Constiant Fear For Your LifeThere Are No Rules It Is More Or Less Anarchy With One Super Power Trying To Enfore Balance The Song Bulls On Parade By Rage Against The Machine Is Speaking About The World Being A Dystopic One They Sing About The Goverment Careing More About War Then Careing About Its People... The Dystopian Society The Artical I Found From The Washington Times Is About How The Goverment Is Running The Country Away From The American Way Highiering Taxes Drifting Away From What American Used To Be About What Our Four Fathers Would Have To Say About How America Is. Rights Are Not Rights If They Can Be Taken Away They Are Called Privledges Then The Long Walk A Book By Steven King The Long Walk Is About A Dystopian Society Where They Have A Game Show Almost Where Kids Compete From All Over The U.S Where All They Do Is Walk On And On They Are Not Allowed To Stop For Anything If They Do The Military Shoots Them Right Then And There They Have No Remorse There Are 100 Kids And Only One Of Them Will Survive
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