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No description

Zsuzsanna Kreif

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Persepolis

Persepolis Childhood in Iran Years in Austria Back to Iran 1978 revolution in Teheran seems to be a game for her she wants to be a prophet
or Bruce Lee Autobiographical graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi Persepolis, Persepolis 2, 2000 2007, animation film by Vincent Paronnaud the whole family is politically active Islamic Fundamentalists win the elections intolerance
Hijab for women and girls executions they try to revolt, but it's insecure for Marji to stay in Iran prohibited Western culture shocked by the Western wealth Vienna, 1983 in the school she gets some new friends they live in freedom and safety but they feel they need to revolt they find her interesting because it's cool to take part in a revolution all Iranian are are agressive barbarians once she denied her origin, pretended to be French she fell in love but disappointed soon she breaks down
moves away and lives on the street she becomes sick nobody cares about her after going to university they just disappear from her life in 1986 she travels back to Iran she feels, everything changed at home she doesn't have any real friends there now doesn't want to go anywhere, just sitting at home, watching TV falls into clinical depression everybody wants her to tell interesting stories Then she has a vision and starts life again she goes to university and falls in love again but after first happyness she realizes how tyrannized society is she starts to be rebellious again speaks against the sexist double standard on the university joins secret parties one of her friends is killed by police during a party her marriage falls apart and she's getting divorced she and her family realize, that life in Iran is not for her anymore she leaves the country again, but now permanently she travels to France at the end of the film we see her on the airport, as she's unable to travel back to Iran conflict with nuns in the boarding shool she has to move several times others are discriminative with her she feels she's an outsider
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