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Amelia Merwin

on 3 August 2016

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Transcript of 7th GRADE CAPSTONE

What is the CAPSTONE Project?
-An opportunity to present all of the Humanities skills you have learned and practiced throughout the year.

-Discussion & writing based

-Your chance to present your opinion

-Connected to the present-day United States

-Something Ms. Merwin is very excited to see you succeed at! :)
10 minutes to work test

Finished with your test? Take out a book for SSR.
At the bottom of page 2, re-write the prompt in 2-3 sentences.
"The President is asking me to....."

"For this project, my task is...."

Decoding the President's Task
What is he asking you to do?
Read Page 2 with your table.

-Circle important words and phrases.

-Highlight any useful background information the President has given you.

(5 minutes)
A long-term investigative project that culminates in a final product.
YOUR ROLE: An expert on the Chinese Tang Dynasty and the Mayans.
YOUR EMPLOYER: The President of the United States has hired you to advise him.
YOUR TASK: To be determined...

Do Now - Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Some people believe that the United States is going into a decline.

What are these images, and how do these images represent America's decline?
Today's Learning Objective: SWBAT identify the assignment the President has for them by analyzing his instructions and writing these instructions in their own words.
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