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Your Future With Big Data

No description

Celia Pinczower

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Your Future With Big Data

Big Data

Saving the Environment With Big Data
Going Green- Hottest Trend
Barack Obama- The Green Policy
Cut half of energy usage in 20 years.

The Green Revolution

Energy Management-Virginia
Compare power usage +
Green tips

BMS/MS in Computer Science
Interest in Enviromental Science
Excellent communication skills
Problem solving skills


Is this for you?

Big Data: The Next
"Big Thing"

USC: Big Data & National Security
“The hottest thing in clean technology isn’t solar panels or wind turbines-its computers”
- Brian Walsh
Time Magazine
7 billion shares are traded in the US equity markets every day.

1 petabyte (1 x 10^15 bytes) of data is processed by Google every hour.

Over 2 million "likes" or comments are posted on Facebook every minute.
Your Future with
Big Data

Phenomenal growth in data
has led to surge in demand
for big data analysts.
Data economy to hire 4.4 million people by 2015
How do you take advantage of this?
Big Data & Insurance
The Insurance Industry
Though data-rich, tends to be knowledge poor due to antiquated data mining process.

“Insurance is like selling a promise/service/product without knowing what the cost would be.”
- Murli Buluswar
Chief Science Officer, AIG Property & Casualty
e.g. Auto Insurance
Current pricing model considers non-core risk characteristics, such as age, marital status, & occupation.

Core characteristics that would better explain risk would be where/how/when/how much does one drive etc.

With over one billion devices offering real time data, the opportunity to harness the power of big data is immense in the insurance industry
Revolutionizing Insurance:
Smart Data Based Model
"Big Sports is Big Business, and Big Business nowadays means Big Data".
- Dave Feinleib, Forbes

"... a data onslaught that will change the way we experience sports as profoundly as the invention of television".
- Newsweek
How does Big Data benefit Sports?
New methods of valuing players.
Ability to track every aspect of athletes performance.
Software provides any parameter of a player in seconds.
Ability to analyze and adapt to opponents.
Gives team a new competitive edge.
Improve fan experience and business opperations.
Companies currently in the Big Data/Sports Industry.
When Chris Paul passes the ball to a teamate within five feet of the basket, there's an 89% chance it will result in a score.
90% of all missed shots are reboundable withing 11 feet of the basket.
Starting this season, all 29 NBA arenas will use SportsVU technology.
NBA will share its data with other companies/public.
Motion capture technology.
created using Israeli missile tracking technology.
Then works with the company STAT to analyze this data.
Currently used by NBA, EPL, MLB, and NFL teams.

Recommended Majors:
Annenberg: Sports Media Studies
Viterbi: Computer Science Engineer, Industrial & Systems Engineer, Data Science
Dornsife: Mathematics , Human Performance
Marshall: Department of Data Sciences and Operations
Toward a Semantic web of paleoclimatology
Julien Emile-Geay
-Assistant professor of earth sciences,
USC Dornsife College of Letters and Arts

We need a semantic technology!
At USC and after...
Help save the environment!
Smart meters and granular data
Software engineers

Scalable graph-oriented analytics framework

Sift through large pools of data

Unprecedented insight

Combine insight with foresight

Data Collection
Data Analysis
Information Communication
What does Janus do?
USC: Opportunities and Resources
USC Viterbi School
Education, Outreach,
Experience Opportunities
Master of Science in Computer Science Program
Core background in Computer Science and specialized algorithmic, statistical, and systems expertise associated with diverse real-world domains including energy, the environment, health, media, medicine, and transportation.
27 Units and NO examination required

"What (Rajiv and Yu-Han) can do with the data, is far beyond what we or any NBA team could do with the data"
Brian Kopp, STATS VP
Data Scientist - CIA
Operate advanced hardware, software and techniques to develop computational algorithms and statistical methods to find patterns and relationships.
Communicate conclusions and collaborate with the intelligence community
- Two computer scientists, Rajiv Maheswaran and Yu-Han Chang from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering have partnered up with the NBA.

-First university research team in the country to be tasked with analyzing SportVUs data.

- 1,000x more information than anyones had before

- Awarded best paper at last years MIT Sloan Sports Analytic Conference .

-“We can also do this for soccer, football, hockey,” Maheswaran says, “basically any sport that has movement.”

Get Involved

Yogesh Simmhan
(Asst. Professor at SERC)
What is Create?
National Research Center
Funded by the Department of Homeland Security
Now in its 8 years of operation:
Over 200 projects
1250 research papers
230 students trained
What is Janus?
Monitor multiple data flows for real time trouble
Known as "Event Detection"
What does CREATE do?
Develop predictive models that gauge "how" and "where" terrorist events might occur
Estimate economic consequences after the terrorist attack
Identify country's vulnerability after the terrorist attack
Informatics research center that focuses in data-driven solutions for real-world applications at USC Viterbi School
Janus (IMSC)
Big Data Analytics Engineer-Apple
Create and implement solutions to collect and analyze various data sets for troubleshooting.
Improve current software to meet real-world situations
To Get Involved:
Recommended Degrees:
Computer Science
Financial Mathematics

Keen business sense and able to make insightful analysis
"Will there be a (sports entertainment) industry based on data? Of Course," he says. "Will it be as big as video? Probably."

Alan Ramadan, CEO and Founder of Quokka Sports
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