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alicia macias

on 17 February 2010

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Transcript of administracion

ISO 9000 How Does It work? To be certified under ISO 9000, organizations must choose the scope of professional activity to be certified, select a record, subject to audit and, after successful completion, be inspected annually to maintain certification. For the auditor to find areas of noncompliance, the organization has a deadline for corrective action, without losing the validity of the certification or continuity in the certification process (depending on which had already been certified or not). 9 basic steps an organization Understand and learn in detail the standard.
Analyze the situation of the organization, where he is and where it should be.
Management System (QMS).
Design and document processes. Train the Internal Auditors.
Train all staff in ISO 9000.
Internal audit.
Using the Quality System (CMS), register usage and improve for several months.
Apply for Certification Audit
Background ISO comes from the Greek word ISOS word meaning equal. ISO means that everyone in the company should work the same way.
This idea was created in 1946 in Geneva, Switzerland which is the international organization for standardization. This organization is composed of technical committees which have representatives from all countries. They handle international standardizing all aspects of management and quality assurance. Families are composed of 27 ISO standards.
Is known as one of the best with the international standards. it is implemented in over 150 countries. Universidad Genesis
Telepunto electrónica Ltda
Intercambio mexicano de comercio
Magnum companies that currently implement this system What type of enterprises
is it intended for? 3 models were published by
ISO 9000 applicable to different
types of companie: ISO 9001: companie that design and produce products
ISO 9002: companies that desing, produce or provides a single service
ISO 9003: companies that do not produce or deign, conducts final inspection only What are the companies requirements to meet this quality tandard? That the company have additional qualified personnel who may be assigned as a second consultant, to teach courses or temporarily replace the consultant responsible
The assigned consultant ir familiar with the proces of certification of quality systems to ensure that the system being implemented will be validated by a certificate company References: ISO 9000. 16 02 2010 <http://www.iso9000.com.mx/iso2000.html#menuante> Qiminet.com. Qiminet.com. 16 de 02 de 2010 <http://www.quiminet.com/pr7/ISO-9000.htm>.

Schnoll, Nancy Callaghan and Les. onile magazine. 16 de 02 de 2010 <http://www.qualitydigest.com/aug97/html/cover.html>.

Alicia Macias
Diego Orlando
Guillermo Gonzáles
Jesica Valdes hola! fedghfddsfg
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