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Nadine AlShaikh

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of DIVING

All the events will focus on Family & Children activities to host an educational fun event.
26th- 28th September 2013

The theme of September's event is DIVING. The three days will be dedicated to diving in Bahrain
(Now & Then)
Story Telling
Little Chef
Painting & Crafts
Face painting
A corner for children to paint and create crafts about pearls, diving, sea, etc.
Children can take cooking lessons. This event it will be seafood dishes
Children will listen to old diving stories from the story teller during fixed sessions
The mall will be decorated to match the theme of the event.
For the diving theme, a traditional old boat model will be placed in a focal point. Diver's baskets and fish cut outs will be hanging from the ceiling. Blue effect lights will be distributed all over the mall to create the suitable atmoshpher.
Danglers advertising the diving event will be hanged on the first floor columns.
Monolates advertising the current event will be placed in front of all the entrances.
Four vertical flags will be placed on the road promoting each event
A large billboard in the regency car park facing the King Faisal Ave. to promote the event.
An Advertisement in 2 local newspapers and 1 Saudi newspaper promoting our program
Promotion & Advertising
SMS & Whatsapp messages will be sent to as much people as we can.
Ads on social media such as instagram, facebook,etc
Promoting traditional and Contemporary Bahrain
Jewelery businesses will have the opportunity to rent stalls in the mall to sell real pearls jewelery and accessories. We are approaching shops from around the Mall.
Diving centers in Bahrain, are also interested in renting stalls to display diving equipments & promote diving and pearling sessions.
Photography Exhibition about Diving in Bahrain
To make the event more vibrant. We will play old diving songs.

A band will be performing live old songs.
Photography workshop
TV coverage
We will create a small movie area
Where Documentary movies about diving for pearls will be played on screen.
Entertainment/ Educational
Stalls will be rented on small businesses to sell their products in the mall
Large Branded Banner
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