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Ice Breakers

No description

Norma Martinez

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Ice Breakers

Conversations in the EFL classroom
Conversation in pairs
Dynamics in groups
Relaxing Activities
Video Interaction
Music in the classroom
Ice Breakers
The name dynamic

The triangle dynamic

The tissue paper activity

The use of this strategies allows the student to explore his/her creativity.
It really helps in getting the student involved in the activity at hand.
As a teacher you need to remember to encourage everybody´s participation.
Conversation in pairs and groups
Advantages and disadvantages

With conversations in pairs:
You have to supervise that they are really practicing the task at hand.
On the other hand if you create the right environment they can be really effective and fun.

With the dynamics in groups:
You have more control of the conversation and more inference so that you can create more participation. However some students may get intimidated when they have to produce a sentence on the spot.
One advantage here is that you can identify the students that haven´t quite get the grammar point and reinforce it.
One disadvantage is that not everybody gets to participate
Ice Breakers
Advantages of this dynamics:

They are easy to follow and create a good easygoing environment.
Students get to know each other.
You get to know a lot from your students in a single dynamic

Disadvantages of this dynamics:
Students might not have the basic level of English required.
Students might feel intimidated if an easy going environment is not created
Small Presentations
Get to know each other
dynamic( questions about
nationality, occupation,
name, and others)

Guess the personality
(simple present vs
present progressive)

Questions about a topic
(questions with when,
what, how often , why,
what for applied to ...

Have you ever… the bottle game (present perfect)

Comparatives and superlatives

Passive voice

Simple past and
past progressive.

Present progressive


Musical dancing
chairs (small talk)

Hot potato
(grammar points

Questions and moving around


My summer vacation

My weekend with friends

My family
Gender Issues

Music genres

Issues that are important for the students

Links: eslflow.com
Preparation for debates:
Competitions are an excellent way to get students involved and really participating.
The idea is for them to use English the whole time in order to get points and not to use Spanish at all
Moving face and body
Natural sounds
Extra Tips
Encourage students to
practice of watching videos
in English regularly.
Have them listen to English
music every once in a while.
Remember that listening is
also very important and this
practices will help them greatly.
Role Play

conversations online
with EFL/ESL students
around the world.
Up to 10 students for
Speaker A
Art student working as a waitress. She/he really needs the tips so he/she will please the costumer explaining the staple foods served in the restaurant.
Speaker B
Picky eater. He/she does not like most of the food in the restaurant and want to speak with the manager
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